by kustomkuddle 26 Jan 2018

Back to wonderful cuties for more suggestions. The local artisan market that I belong to helps support families that are dealing with Alzheimer's. They are holding an auction to help fund their program and are asking vendors for donations. I have been racking my brain tying to come up with something I could make, but have not been able to decide on anything. Thanks for your help!


by cfidl 29 Jan 2018

I think lip balm holders and maybe sanitizer holders.

by kustomkuddle 28 Jan 2018

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. I think that I am gong to do a few smaller items. I will post pics when I am finished.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Jan 2018

How about some ITH soft toys, some coasters or mug rugs,place mats or simple lap quilts. Kudos to you for helping out a great cause.

by dailylaundry 27 Jan 2018

How about a set of kitchen towels embroidered with the days of the week. Lots of designs out there for that. Let us know what you do!!!

by spendlove Moderator 27 Jan 2018

I put one of these in the last Alzheimer's raffle I was involved with.

by dragonflyer 27 Jan 2018

Hmmm....another thought since they have a quilt in the about an embroidered table cloth with napkins? You could purchase these and then add the embroidery...this would make a lovely display for someone's table! Could be holiday related or just something beautiful with a center motif and motifs around the outer area...could also include ITH silverware holders and matching napkin rings...

by rachap 27 Jan 2018

I would suggest you make some items for children as Grandparents are always willing to buy things for them. Coming up Valentines Day and Easter so perhaps you can find some in the Hoop projects that you could do quickly. I will add a site that I like that has some cute, inexpensive and some free projects.

by dragonflyer 27 Jan 2018

A quilt is always a great item for a charity auction...or even better if you donate the quilt and they sell tickets and raffle if off...usually this will generate more revenue than an auction.

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 27 Jan 2018

I could, but they are doing that right now. A beautiful king size quilt that several ladies in the community did as a joint effort. I could do an embroidered quilt though and not so huge.

by babash 26 Jan 2018

How about a Reading Pillow that some of the Cuties have made or zipper purses.
I wouldn't be thinking about making something that would bring in a huge Dollar when sold. I would be thinking about small things that people who want to buy can afford. Not everyone has a lot of money to spare but like to help out.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Jan 2018

Sounds fun. If I was in your situation I would be making a cushion or a bag. Does the group have their own logo that you could digitise or get digitised - that could lead to a whole load of fun for you. Have fun deciding from the answers that you get and do let us know what you make

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Jan 2018

I think Sue called them "Fiddle blankets" They are good for Alzheimer patients so I would imagine they would sell.
Key fobs would be good. Did you donate before and if so what?

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 26 Jan 2018

This is the first time that I have donated. I'm probably making it harder than what I should, thinking I need to make something that will bring more than a couple of dollars. I plan to make a couple of the fiddle blankets just to donate to their organization, but would like to make something bigger for the auction. It does not have to be Alzheimer's related. Thank you.