by mops Moderator 21 Jan 2018

When I saw baydreamer's Virus meet Granny Square shawl I had to have a go at it. And I love the result.

I still had three cones of red machine embroidery thread left. I knitted a jersey for my granddaughter, a throw/blanket and the SouthBay shawl using 3 threads, see picture 1. Those cones were enormous to begin with, but I number three is now empty, that was of course the one with the thickest thread.
But I was given another, very thin, reddish one, #4. So now I had two very thin single thread yarn and one yarn consisting of two thin ones. So I had to use 5 cones to get the thickness I wanted. Colour 1 and 2 were always in it, I then added 3 others in different order. I ended up with several combinations, like 2x1+3x2, 2x1+2x2+4, etc. see picture 2 It gave wide stripes of colour in the finished article.
I made a 5 d.c. shell along the long side and a "picot"
3 single stiches, 1 hdc in the first then sc in the gaps of the outside.

As you can see cone #2 has slimmed as has #1, but even so there's a lot of all three left.
I think I might try the old knitting machine or I'll never see the end of those.


by fannyfurkin 22 Jan 2018

This is gorgeous, I have downloaded the pattern and I am excited to give it a try with my newly acquired crocheting skills. Love love love the red.

by spendlove Moderator 22 Jan 2018

Looks lovely - I have some yarn stashed away from my machine knitting days.... Do you still have a machine?

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mops by mops 22 Jan 2018

Yes, I have. It has been hiding in the attic, but after a clean and some light oiling it is as good as new. Nothing fancy, like electronic or so, but my batwings might benefit if I used it. I think some lacework is worth a try.

by jenne 22 Jan 2018

How pretty!

by kathymourie 22 Jan 2018


by sebsews 22 Jan 2018

So beautiful! Lots of work on this. I have crocheted but this is out of my comfort zone!

by gerryvb 22 Jan 2018

wow, this is gorgeous, so beautiful !!

by pennifold 22 Jan 2018

S I M P L Y S T U N N I N G!! Love Chris

by sewdeb 21 Jan 2018

This so beautiful and the color combinations are perfect for your shawl. I don't crochet, but this might urge me to learn!

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 21 Jan 2018

Good idea. I still have a whole lot of cone yarn. I downloaded the pattern for the future. You did such a great job with this. Thanks for sharing

by kustomkuddle 21 Jan 2018

It turned out beautiful. Of course I am partial to red. Love how you incorporated the color variations.

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graceandham by graceandham 22 Jan 2018

Yes, very much.

by 02kar Moderator 21 Jan 2018

This is a gorgeous shawl. You are definitely an artist with embroidery thread and with yarn.

by shirley124 21 Jan 2018

Beautiful work. Hugs

by toogie 21 Jan 2018

Oh mops this is gorgeous! I can crochet so I should be able to make this. I used to crochet doilies with very fine threads. I am afraid though I'm not sure exactly what you did. Did you crochet with 5 strands of thread at once?
I have not looked at yarns in the stores here, lately. In the USA a long time ago, they were in skeins, not cones. Is that how they come now, on cones? So how much/many cones or skeins does it take for one of these?
American Cuties, what is a good yarn to buy in the USA?

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mops by mops edited 21 Jan 2018

They come as balls ready to use or in skeins. But these cones are for machine knitting, and these particular ones are very thin, like wool embroidery thread. So, yes, I used 5 threads wound together with my yarn winder. Even so I used a 3.5 mm crochet hook.
I have a knitting machine, bought in the early 80s and at that time I used either hand knitting wool that came in skeins of 50 or 100 grams, or the cones for machine knitting that held 500 grams or more.

by sandralochran 21 Jan 2018

Love it

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by maggiecal edited 21 Jan 2018

That is beautiful!! You can get the printed pattern free on Ravelry.

toogie by toogie 21 Jan 2018

I just printed it, thank you!

mops by mops 21 Jan 2018

I watched youtube and made notes. I saw different numbers in two videos and chose one that I liked. Printing it is easier.

kathymourie by kathymourie 22 Jan 2018

Thank you. I may have to try it.

by basketkase 21 Jan 2018

OMG, stunning, must take forever with only 3 embroidery threads.......I knitted a necklace once and as I said only once....the color of this shawl is gorgeous!!

mops by mops 21 Jan 2018

It's thread for knitting machines. I got two banana boxes filled with those cones, mostly white, some blue, navy and grey. I wonder if I can dye the white; either before knitting (have to make strings first) or after. If it does not dye well I'd rather discover that before I start knitting :)

mops by mops 21 Jan 2018

It all comes from an old lady (2 yrs my senior ) who's moving to a home for the elderly. Got boxes with fabric and rolls of ribbon and bias tape. And I am trying to reduce my own stash!

basketkase by basketkase 21 Jan 2018

Hey, you found a good use for it....I know what you mean about wanting to thin things out...none of my relatives do any of the crafts I do, so guess charity will get alot of it....

jenne by jenne 22 Jan 2018

me 2, no one in my family sews or does anything in the way of crafts like you the will go to the goodwill I guess.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Jan 2018

Beautiful work and it looks as if you have been very busy

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mops by mops 21 Jan 2018

As hubby has been watching snooker and the wood stove is burning I just crocheted every evening. He's watching the final right now.

by liliana1 21 Jan 2018

So Great, Love It

by dailylaundry 21 Jan 2018

So beautiful - you are so talented!!!

by rescuer Moderator 21 Jan 2018