by parkermom 16 Jan 2018

Just a quick FYI--Hancocks of Paducah has a special grab bag offer of 10 random spools of Sulky thread for $4.99 To find them, go to fabric sale by price, and then fabrics for $4.99. It is on about page 6 of the pages.


by lbrow 17 Jan 2018

Sure glad daughter and Grand daughter work in Paducah/Lillian

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parkermom by parkermom 17 Jan 2018

I'd like to go there someday.

by toogie 17 Jan 2018

'Show me yours and I'll show you mine' the THREAD when it comes in.-lol- I am anxious to see what we get. It may be some odd colors or some we use regularly, but whatever colors we get I'm sure they will be used.

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parkermom by parkermom 17 Jan 2018

I haven't actually bought any! I posted it last night, then went to bed, and forgot about it until just now.

by pennifold 16 Jan 2018

This place is on my BUCKET LIST! I can dream. Love Chris

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parkermom by parkermom 17 Jan 2018

Mine too! It's not thaaat far away for me, since I live in Arkansas, but we aren't really good travelers. Mostly, we just stay home.

by toogie 16 Jan 2018

You can also click on Daily Treats and its on the first page there. Thanks

toogie by toogie edited 16 Jan 2018

I didn't see the smaller 10 spools, but I ordered 4 sets, of the 5 in a package, of 850 yards per spool. Twenty Sulky spools for $23. 96 is great, even if colors will be random. Before our fabric store closed here they were $8. for 1 spool! My total order here with shipping cost me $28.96 that is $1.44 a spool!

arlene by arlene 27 Jan 2018

thank u for the link. just ordered some. we no longer have a hancock's where i live. they all closed