by lique ( edited 14 Jan 2018 ) 14 Jan 2018

Tea towel border with a matching topper. This stitched out very well and I am pleased the way it turned out. Design from embroidery library. Just added the backside of the towel topper to show how this works.


by lilylady 16 Jan 2018

Colors in towel work great with apple colors, very pretty

by katydid 15 Jan 2018

Great job!

by basketkase 15 Jan 2018

Lovely towel...

by lbrow 15 Jan 2018

Love them. Great work!/Lillian

by phone1lady 15 Jan 2018

It is a very good job, beautiful, I tried to find the jrob site but could not find it, could you post the url please, Thank you, Patricia

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lique by lique edited 15 Jan 2018 pattern no X6434 .It is a pattern from embroidery library and the pack it comes from is called: stitching’ for the kitchen . Hope this helps.

by worthy 14 Jan 2018

love it, wonderful job

by pennifold 14 Jan 2018

Great job on this Angelique, love the apple design. Love Chris

by sandralochran 14 Jan 2018

Love it

by sonjapotgieter 14 Jan 2018

Beautiful!!!Great work done...

by noah 14 Jan 2018

Love it hugs Aren't towels fun??

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lique by lique 14 Jan 2018

It is the first towel topper I ever made. But more to follow.

by liliana1 14 Jan 2018

WOW! Love it

by pennyhal2 14 Jan 2018

That's a great looking towel! The fabric looks different ...softer, me than what I've seen in toweling. Do you have a photo of what the backside looks like? I was wondering how the towel was attached.

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lique by lique edited 14 Jan 2018

The tea towel is 100% cotton, very cheap in bulk buy. Th bag of the topper has some elastic sewn into the edges. The towel just slips through this. I managed to add an extra photo with the back of the tea towel.

by stella1 14 Jan 2018

Very nice and beautiful

by joann1 14 Jan 2018

very pertty

by queenofhearts 14 Jan 2018

very nice.

by dragonflyer 14 Jan 2018

Nicely done!