by parkermom 13 Jan 2018

I know all the Disney designs are copyrighted, but what about the Wizard of Oz characters? I just landed on another site with blatant copyright designs, not even changing the names. So aggravating when you try to avoid all of these sites and find one anyway. Luckily, I didn't let my purchase go all the way through.


by sewist1 13 Jan 2018

The Original Book Characters are in the public domain as when Frank Baum wrote is book copyright was only for 28 years. The big movie companies have put copyrights on their film characters. It is a very complicated story. I know some digitizers based their designs on the book characters not the movie characters Can't speak for the ones you have found as I haven't seen them. There are many links which talk about this same matter. Here are a few:

parkermom by parkermom 14 Jan 2018

Thank you. The ones I saw on the site that had pirated Disney stuff (and called it Diz-ish) had used the movie characters. I just didn't realize, I guess, how blatantly and how often copyrighted things are used. Sad.

sewist1 by sewist1 edited 14 Jan 2018

I haven't come across that site. I guess I tend to stick to the sites I know who produce quality designs. There are a lot of rubbish designs being produced these days.

by graceandham 13 Jan 2018

I would think they are, as I purchased licensed Wiz of Oz designs from Dakota (very cute) that specified that they were only for personal use because of licensing.

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parkermom by parkermom 13 Jan 2018

ok, thank you.