by motorcyclegma1100 12 Jan 2018

It has been years since I have been on this site. Is this the one where I can get snowflakes made with names? If so, where? If not, where would I find them/ I just have a Brother innovis 900D and can't make my own. Thanks for your help!


by mrskiki 13 Jan 2018

Try Softdrink's site. The names are already done and I don't think the site is being maintained any more but still usable. Hugs. Nan

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motorcyclegma1100 by motorcyclegma1100 13 Jan 2018

you are awesome!!!!!! Found MANY of the names I wanted!! I will keep looking! (or maybe upgrade to a different machine someday!) Thanks!!!!!!

by pennifold 13 Jan 2018

Hi motorcyclegma, the site where I've seen them on is Artistic threadworks. If this is not allowed by the moderators, please delete this post.
I'm not sure if we can give out url's anymore. So look in Google for "snowflake names on machine embroidery". I just did and saw the second image which came up was from them. I always click on IMAGES and you can find them. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by rescuer Moderator 13 Jan 2018

Welcome back to Cute!
The area of this website you are asking about has been closed for maintenance. We don't know when it will be back.