by kustomkuddle 11 Jan 2018

Last week we were covered in snow and temps below zero. School was canceled one day because it was so cold. Today it is 54. The snow is almost gone and the creek has overflowed leaving a pond in my front yard. You can also see across the road were it has also overflowed in the field. Crazy weather.


by meganne 12 Jan 2018

Yet here in NSW, last week, we had 80 year old records broken when temperatures rose to 47.2* C (116.96* F)
Many suburbs had power blackouts as the demand for cooling outstripped the supply.
I've been reading stories about poor little Flying foxes at a place called Singleton 750 of them dehydrated and died.

Two days later the maximum temperature only reached 24*C (75.28F).
Thankfully it hasn't been that hot this last week.
I don't know about this Global Warming but the weather sure has been unpredictable lately, all over the globe.

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 12 Jan 2018

It is crazy crazy weather.

by Sweetness4713 11 Jan 2018

Where are you located.. I'm in Ontario Canada and we finally broke the -40 with the windchills.. since beginning of December... today it hit +3 celcius plus freezing rain and tomorrow back into the minus 20sC and -33 with the winchill

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 12 Jan 2018

I'm in Michigan. Today it is back down to 20F with a wind chill making it feel like 12F My "pond" is now frozen. I'll have to see if I have ice skates. Hehehe - not as graceful as I used to be.

by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2018

It's supposed to start at 58° here in the morning but drop to 32° by 11PM. Welcome to winter in the southern U.S.

by kustomkuddle 11 Jan 2018

Just heard we are supposed to get freezing rain and 1-2 inches of snow. This is what I don't like about winter.

by lbrow 11 Jan 2018

I agree! I have never known it to be so cold in Alabama for so long. A couple or 3 days maybe but then it would be warm again. Not so this time. Alabama is in the Red for Flu. Hospitals are filled to capacity and above/Lillian

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toogie by toogie 11 Jan 2018

It's bad here too, but I knew I didn't have flu, but of course had to be tested. Thought it was pneumonia again, but said treating me for bronchitis. I hurt to breathe and only got out in the cold air for church and Avery's birthday party. Which reminds me I haven't posted that. Anyway, coming home from her party, the air was so cold I hurt to breathe. Didn't get out again until went to the doctor almost a week later. I took breathing treatments before I went, that did help with breathing, but knew I couldn't beat it on my own after 5 nights. Hardheaded, I know.....

by 02kar Moderator 11 Jan 2018

It is a crazy weather pattern, but thank goodness for the higher temps can melt before the temperature drops and the next snow storm. our temporary ponds are pretty though.

by toogie 11 Jan 2018

This is crazy and why so many are sick. I went to the doctor Tuesday but am better, after waiting a week to go and finally getting an injection and meds. It suppose to turn cold and rain again here, though.