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by lbrow ( edited 11 Jan 2018 ) 08 Jan 2018

Praising the Lord for His goodness and mercy and answered prayers. Had my last treatment last Fri. 32 of them. Today had an MRI and then saw the oncologist. Right now he says "we see no Cancer"! I am to have a MRI every 3 months for a yr or so to keep watch in case it starts again. Now I have a black, deep fried leg, burned to a crisp have to take pain meds because the burning is unbearable. This in time will heal and no more driving 110 miles every day. Oh how thankful I am. Just need to sit and cry a while and be eternally grateful.. Dr says I may yet have to have another surgery on the knee because of the tumor being so widespread within the knee. Just got to let it heal for now and see how I am walking in 3 months. Thank you all for your love and prayers and caring. Just want life to get back to as normal as it can be without Ron. Much,much love to all of you. Lillian Added 1-11 Again! I cannot begin to thank you enough for your outpouring of love


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by arisann edited 12 Jan 2018

May God continue His blessings to you!!
Praise God!

by maleah 10 Jan 2018

My dear Lillian, I know it is heard to tell you to be strong. I pray the pain goes away soon. God Bless you. Keep smiling sunshine.....

by holly12 10 Jan 2018

This is wonderful news. You know you can't let the cancer get the better of you, and with all the prayers from this group you know you have it won. Much love and prayers . Arlene

by meganne 10 Jan 2018

Shedding happy tears for you and praying fervently that the cancer will NEVER, EVER return!!!!
Huge hugs and tons of love xxxxxxx

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toogie by toogie 10 Jan 2018


by katydid 09 Jan 2018

I am so happy for you and know that many prayers came your way. You are blessed by the grace of God. Love , Kay

by vadainez 09 Jan 2018

Amen, keep taking your Rx Psalms 91

by basketkase 09 Jan 2018

Hallelujah, Lillian.....this is answer to our prayers!

by toogie 09 Jan 2018

My thankfulness is right along with yours and every other Cutie. We love you dearly and want you to heal well now. I nearly cried when you told me you were driving yourself! I wish I was closer in distance to help you. You are so special to me and others here. Let's pray the leg will be fine in time so no more surgery and your walking will improve. Pray the burning will ease and the pain be gone. We want you to feel good again and make beautiful things! I treasure my time meeting you. Love from Toogie

by barba 09 Jan 2018

Congratulations!! I am thrilled to pieces with the power of prayer and your good news. Will continue to pray for relief from the pain and quick healing. Hugs, Barba

by 02kar Moderator 09 Jan 2018

What wonderful news! I can't think of better. Thank you Lord for this healing and thanks to the oncologist who is taking such good care of our beloved Lillian.

by cooperal 09 Jan 2018

"Great is Thy faithfulness"...such beautiful words in that hymn. God is so good and I just love it when this group can share their stories. Prayer binds us together in many ways. We rejoice with you. "Morning by morning new mercies I see"...enjoy each day God gives you. Will be keeping you in my prayers. Blessings, Avis

by kathymourie 09 Jan 2018

This is the best new I have heard in a long time. God is Good... I while keep you in my prayers. Hugs to you!!!

by sdrise 09 Jan 2018

Praise GOD is right!! SO happy to hear your news. Now I start mine... Not looking forward to it. IT is o overwhelming to me. Have to have surgery on the 31st too. Glad you are fine.

by jenne 09 Jan 2018

OH! Yes the Lord is good.

by jrob Moderator 09 Jan 2018

Thank you Lord for letting me wake up and see this today. I'm so thankful and grateful that you have such a wonderful report. I know this has been such a long and difficult journey. Use your newfound freedom from being strapped in an automobile to slowly and carefully exercise that knee and give it some love and attention along the way so that you can heal and go forth from here. I wish I could hug you!

by pennifold 09 Jan 2018

Oh! what wondrous news Miss Lillian and I know with time and healing your body will get back to complete wholeness. Go ahead and cry, crying releases endorphins and that's good for us. My prayers continue for you and I know that Ron is watching over you. God bless you, love Chris

by gerryvb 09 Jan 2018

just opened the site to see this wonderful good news, prayers will continue, hope step by step everything will improve. take time to rest and to heal. Ron and the angels will watch over you. Big hug is coming your way, Gerry

by airyfairy 09 Jan 2018

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Doing the happy dance for you.

by gramt 09 Jan 2018

Blessings and prayers your way.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jan 2018

One step accomplished. Thank you Lord. We continue to pray for healing and lessening of the pain. Hugs! Angie

by graceandham 08 Jan 2018

God is gracious. Welcome to the new normal, without tumor, without treatments, and sadly, with your dear Ron. He is smiling down on you, though.

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graceandham by graceandham 10 Jan 2018

Without Ron.

by michemb 08 Jan 2018

wonderful news Lillian will continue to pray that other health issue resolve themselves

by dragonflyer 08 Jan 2018

What wonderful news, Miss Lillian....2018 will be a very good year for you! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...

by dailylaundry 08 Jan 2018

Wonderful news.... makes me want to sing, "Praise God for whom all Blessings Flow"!!! Many prayers for you for your leg pain and continued healing!! Loads of hugs, Laura

by kustomkuddle 08 Jan 2018

I am so happy for you Ms. Lillian. The Lord is indeed merciful and answers prayer according to his plan. I know you are not out of the woods and have a long road ahead of healing from the "treatment." Continued prayers for healing with the added prayers of thanksgiving. Hugs.

by rescuer Moderator 08 Jan 2018

Prayers continue for your complete healing. Sending love and hugs!

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Jan 2018

Excellent news about the MRI. Have a cyber hug from the UK. Take care, rest and recover and I hope that the leg rapidly improves. Enjoy not having to travel so much each day