by cooperal 08 Jan 2018

Good Morning to you all. I've just logged in this morning and noticed that my number above is 2222! Thank you all for your comments and encouragement since I've joined this group. I am especially indebted to those that take the time to post replies when I cry "help". You are all dearly appreciated. By the way, my sister loved her poinsettia runner and has promised to send me a picture of where she places it in her wee home. Be blessed everyone!


by dragonflyer 08 Jan 2018

Sweet...another flower for your garden!

by pennifold 08 Jan 2018

That's so lovely Avis, it's always nice to read people's comments and this is such a helpful site. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 08 Jan 2018

Isn't it fun to see the numbers rise and your garden grow. Congrats and I hope your garden grows ever larger.

by sewdeb 08 Jan 2018

Congratulations and here's number 2223 for your garden!