by sewfrenzie 06 Jan 2018

I was given a sweatshirt that was turned into a cardigan"?" (Cut down the front and binding put on).

Anyway the sleeves are so tight. They are long enough, just to tight. Any suggestions on how to make the sleeves fit better.


by KCowden 15 Jan 2018

You could cut off sleeves and make vest too.

by lucy12345 15 Jan 2018

Good tips!! Hope all turns out well

by pennifold 15 Jan 2018

I'd also do exactly what has been recommended by Barbara and Kim. Let's hope you can get to do something with it and post it when it's finished. Love Chris

by sewfrenzie 15 Jan 2018

With the crazy week I'v e had I haven't had a chance to read this post until today. Thank you for the suggestions. You have each given me something to think about and something to try. If all else fails I may end up making a pillow or something out of it. I will try your suggestions first though.

by Sewmum1 06 Jan 2018

I agree with what has already been suggested. If there is not enough fabric in the seams to let out then your best option if you want to keep it is to add inserts.

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by dragonflyer edited 06 Jan 2018

I agree with babash...cut the sleeve and add an inset...or cut them out altogether and make new sleeves cut wider from the ones you cut out and replace with a quilted sleeve or even polar fleece in a contrasting print or color would be could even re-use the cuffs on whatever you choose to make the new sleeves out of...

by babash 06 Jan 2018

I would cut the sleeves from the wrist all the way up to the arm hole and down to the waist to open it right up. If you don't have exact colour match and fabric use a contrast patterned piece and make it look like it was intended to be this way.
Other way would be to put a V shape panel in from the shoulder down to wrist.
Just cut a straight line up outside centre of sleeve and add panel in. A bit like you would a gore skirt.
You could embroider the panel first to make a feature of it.
Just remember nothing is impossible you just haven't thought or tried it yet.
Good luck.