by sharonleekesner 06 Jan 2018

am puzzled by Stitched Impressions and their Gingerbread Cookie designs. I use the link in Cute Embroidery. I even signed up again and still I do not see where there is anything after "D". Is this just me or is everyone on D? Thank you for any help.



by sewtired 06 Jan 2018

Thanks for bringing this up, I was just recently wondering what was going on myself.

by kustomkuddle 06 Jan 2018

Wouldn't you know. I just deleted them because I thought I missed the rest of them. Oh well.

sewmom by sewmom 06 Jan 2018

Check your trash, maybe you can retrieve them

flitter by flitter 07 Jan 2018

If you didn't find them you can still d/l them.

by brendalea 06 Jan 2018

Thank you for the information sewmom. Was wondering what was what there. Happy Stitching :~)

by sewmom 06 Jan 2018

Several months ago they said they would start the free alpha up again but it hasn't happened as far as I can tell. I keep the link in my post because we don't know when the next letter will come and we have to keep checking.

sewmom by sewmom 06 Jan 2018

I just messaged the site owner and she says there are health issues in the family but she will continue the alpha when she can.

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 06 Jan 2018

Oh thank you and I am glad you keep the link. I did not see the post about starting up later so am really glad you answered my question. Thank you.