by mops Moderator 05 Jan 2018

We have had a few conversations in the past on how to prove a design is yours. I said that when possible I add my initials as part of the underlay, sometimes very small, but in the case of this shield quite large.Here's an animation of what I mean.

It takes a bit of time - I separate the underlay, cut it in two parts, fit in the MNR and that's it. It is invisible in in the embroidery.
It can be undone, but I think the people who share or sell stolen designs won't take the trouble to find any hidden monograms.


by pennifold 10 Jan 2018

One word - BRILLIANT! Well done Martine, you are a star too. Love Chris

by gerryvb 09 Jan 2018

very clever :)

by maggiecal 09 Jan 2018

Thank you for sharing! © is option G on the MAC. Most Windows computers it alt 0169 although there may be a tad of difference with extended keyboards,

mops by mops 09 Jan 2018

originally I had that before the MNR but when I sew it out small, due to the size of the area it has to fit in, it because a bit 'knot-ty', not something you want under your embroidery, so I skipped that after the first few.

mops by mops 10 Jan 2018

oops..... becomes instead of because.

by stork 09 Jan 2018

I am not a digitizer but find this to be a wonderful idea!!!!!

by hightechgrammy 09 Jan 2018

What a great idea! I have some of my designs hijacked. I see them in collections sold on some of the illegal sites. I also love seeing the animated stitch out - how fun

by lbrow 06 Jan 2018

Brilliance is the only word I can think of Martine. You are so wise in the world of your expertise, so knowledgeable and so willing to share . Hugs Lillian

by dailylaundry 06 Jan 2018

Martine - you make it look so easy!! You are so talented!!!

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by Sewmum1 edited 06 Jan 2018

This is a great idea for showing how it is done. Fantastic for digitizing embroidery designs.
Unfortunately I think it is the way of the internet(mentality of some people) and such a shame for those that work hard to have their designs and work stolen/sold. All we can do is keep supporting those doing the right thing and hope someone invents some kind of lock or something to keep things being stolen online

by graceandham 05 Jan 2018

You offer the coolest little digitizing lessons. Fun to watch.

by kustomkuddle 05 Jan 2018

Such a wonderful idea! Not very many people would think to look for such an identifying mark. Thank you for sharing. The stealing of designs is so widespread. I recently contacted DBS about spotting one of their designs on another site. They responded by saying that it is so widespread that they can not afford to go after everyone - especially those overseas. So sad.

mops by mops 06 Jan 2018

It's a huge problem and so unfair to the digitisers. I sold some 3D Fsl Christmas trees at a fair a number of years ago. came to my stall and said she had the design but had not sewn it but was glad to see it was worth the money she had paid for it. When asked it turned out she had bought it for $10 while I had posted it for free in YouEmbroidery. She had bought a few others as well and offered them to me at half price.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 06 Jan 2018

I guess some people don't realise it is not ok to share designs. I once bought some thread from someone who told me she used to save designs she downloaded online where she could get them for free and then she sold the design discs on ebay for a tidy sum

by cooperal 05 Jan 2018

Now that's what I call being smart. You are sew clever. I would love to learn how to digitize, for now I just appreciate those that do. Be blessed, Avis

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mops by mops 06 Jan 2018

I have been doing this for years but never showed what I did, just mentioned it. A picture clarifies a lot.

by kathymourie 05 Jan 2018

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. One day I'm going to learn to digitize.

by jrob Moderator 05 Jan 2018

That's very clever of you.

by airyfairy 05 Jan 2018

Fantastic idea Martine

by spendlove Moderator 05 Jan 2018


by shirley124 05 Jan 2018

A very good idea.

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jan 2018

Very interesting and thanks