by basketkase 04 Jan 2018

Finally got my knitting fingers going.....this is for Fall of 2018 has tabs on the sides holding up rolled sleeves with the buttons matching the ones on front....


by pennifold 11 Jan 2018

Well, personally I don't know how you find the time to do all the things you do with your digitising as well. I didn't realise you made up your own designs Vicki, you are one very talented lady. I's also love this in Black, I wear a lot of black! Love Chris

by pennyhal2 11 Jan 2018

Fabulous! Love everything about it!

by graceandham 05 Jan 2018

There's nothing like a lap full of warm yarn on a cold day! What a wonderful result.

by cfidl 05 Jan 2018

Fabulous, I love the scoop neckline.

by cooperal 05 Jan 2018

This is beautiful! Do you use a knitting machine? A friend of mine had one and she created many of her own patterns and they were stunning. Well done! Avis

basketkase by basketkase 07 Jan 2018

No, Avis, this is all done by hand....I too make up a lot of my designs......

cooperal by cooperal 11 Jan 2018

WOW! Your work is just so stunning and your creations are beautiful! Your fingers must be flying to get so many projects done. I used to knit when the children were very young and I had time to sit with them, but I didn't have an embroidery machine then either! Arthritis is starting to set in so I don't knit much any more, but I do crochet once in awhile. Keep up your wonderful work and keep sharing with us. You are an inspiration! Be blessed, Avis

by katydid 04 Jan 2018

I hope you put a hefty price tag on these as they are an original and worth it. Kay

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basketkase by basketkase 07 Jan 2018

I wish, Kay.......most customers do not appreciate the time and effort that go into these...occasionally I will get that customer that makes it all worth while and spend at least an hour in the knit section of my booth....most of my knitwear almost sells out each year, but I know it has a lot to do with the reasonable prices........

by lilylady 04 Jan 2018

Beautiful, Vickie!

by mops Moderator 04 Jan 2018

Never too late to start :) It looks comfy and warm.

by hightechgrammy 04 Jan 2018

Vickie, You have done it again! This sweater is incredible! The design is really desirable and I'm positive it will sell quickly!

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Jan 2018

Looks warm and cozy. Good job.

by stork 04 Jan 2018

Very nice......This would look awesome in black!

by 02kar Moderator 04 Jan 2018

You make the most interesting sweaters! Love it.

by kustomkuddle 04 Jan 2018

Love the color. It looks so rich. Beautifully done.

by dragonflyer 04 Jan 2018

Great early start for your show!