by mihok 02 Jan 2018

I have saw this sort of question but I still am confused. I download my design by going over to the right of the design where it says Membership $0 and I choose pes. It downloads fine but is this the correct way? When I go into my account it doesn't show that I have ever got any designs at all.What am I doing wrong? If I ever needed to redownload a design, I would never find it.


by jrob Moderator 02 Jan 2018

If you ever need to redownload, you are hopefully making a backup copy of your files and will be able to retrieve them from there. If you aren't making a backup copy, do it. Everyone needs one, everyone.

by rescuer Moderator 02 Jan 2018

You are doing it correctly.
They won't show in your account as they are only included during the 6 month time period. They won't be available after the subscription has expired. You can renew anytime though and add 6 months to the end of the current subscription.