by tinfriend 01 Jan 2018

Did I miss the Letter Z of the Beautiful Alpha Caps @ Gorgeous Stitches?? I hope not – have been checking regularly but have not seen it posted! Thanks in advance! Hugs


by AuntAnnie 04 Jan 2018

I was able to collect the Z without problems. Do a search for "Beautiful," click on the text next to letter Z, then click the text "ClickHereToDownloadThisLetter"

by sharonleekesner 04 Jan 2018

I went to her site and it says the Z is now up and free but there doesn't seem to be a way to get to it. I used the search box and the only thing that comes up is the K , with the message of buying any letter.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 04 Jan 2018

I just checked the Z is there...go to the Alpha Tab at the top and the Beautiful Z is there on the first page...and the download link is there and working as well...

by Dodi2012 04 Jan 2018

I am missing Z too. I have looked everyday always y. Today i see the Z was there i dont find it. I am very disappointed.

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Dodi2012 by Dodi2012 05 Jan 2018

Today i get them now. i am happy.

by tinfriend 03 Jan 2018

Thanks to all who responded! At least I have not missed this letter!!
* for all!

by pennyhal2 02 Jan 2018

I can never figure out how that site works. I can't find the letters in a set, or the set itself ,or locate missed letters. Sometimes it lists the free letter as free, other times I have to put it in the cart to see it as free. The "z" is not the only letter that doesn't show up for me. I usually have to hunt around the entire site to find it. I'd like the set that is listed as introductory, but I can't put it in my cart. Am I the only one with these kinds of issues? Or, is it "user error?"

graceandham by graceandham 02 Jan 2018

Beautiful designs, horrid site.

orangetiger by orangetiger 02 Jan 2018

Her site is very difficult to navigate. I think it hurts her business also. When she has a hunt there doesn't seem to rhyme or reason to systematically search either.

tinfriend by tinfriend 03 Jan 2018

I always just enter the name of the Alpha Letter in the search box to find the free letter of the week and usually that works for me!

For example Beautiful Letter Y and click search!

by gdsteliga 02 Jan 2018

Haven't seen it up yet. Happy New Year.

by genin 02 Jan 2018

I'm waiting the letter Z, too ! Claire