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by jrob Moderator ( edited 01 Jan 2018 ) 01 Jan 2018

Have you heard the song that has the line, "all the single ladies". Well, change the word single to purple and sing along as you investigate pantones color of the year, 2018, ultra violet.

I know that some of you are going to be VERY happy. :)


by kustomkuddle 02 Jan 2018

Love the color! Not so much the clothes the models are wearing. LOL

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018


by sebsews 02 Jan 2018

I'm in!

by meganne 02 Jan 2018

I love all the mauve, violet and purple shades.
I particularly love Robison Anton's Cindy Purple, I use it quite a lot especially matched with pink for embroidery for little girls.
Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs n roses, M

by katydid 01 Jan 2018

Oh my. I had a purple wool skirt and matching angora sweater when I was in high school and it has been my favorite color since. I once told a boy friend when asked what to buy me "any thing Purple." I also love amethyst jewelry! I bought a new winter coat last year and yes it was purple. Count me in on purple!! Kay

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018

Show us a photo....

by lbrow 01 Jan 2018

You definitely know it's my color, love my Infinity Scarf of that color given to me by a very sweet person Lillian

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018

I'm glad.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Jan 2018

Thanks I love this color along with about 2,000 other colors. I guess I'm easy to please.

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toogie by toogie 01 Jan 2018


by pennifold 01 Jan 2018

Well, I for one am very happy about that. Love anything purple. Love Chris

by dee 01 Jan 2018

I love all shades of purple.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Jan 2018

I am very happy. Always have loved anything that has blue in it

by gerryvb 01 Jan 2018

looks great on everybody, happy purple New Year :)

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018


by mops Moderator 01 Jan 2018

Lovely colour, and so is the spring tone they show. Strange name though, suggests it is invisible (at least to the human eye).

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018

That's just American English for you. We use it for "extreme". (We pretty much just make things up as we go.)

by zoefzoef 01 Jan 2018

Great new to is my favorite color !

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jrob by jrob 03 Jan 2018

There are lots of cuties who favor purple.