by basketkase 31 Dec 2017

Our party girl Tux along with all of us at my house are wishing everyone a Happy and healthy New Year.....may all your troubles be minor and God's blessings on everyone......much love......


by dragonflyer 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to you and Jim and all of the "fur kiddles"....may each and everyone be blessed with a prosperous, healthy and safe 2018...and another wonderful year of community here on Cute!

by Sewmum1 01 Jan 2018

Happy new year to all

by momac 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to you, Jim and your pets, thank you for all the freebies for 2017 and now to start with a lovely 2018 design. With love and hugs from me our 4 cats and family, Maureen

by airyfairy 01 Jan 2018

Lots of love to you and Jim for the new year

by 02kar Moderator 31 Dec 2017

Thanks and I hope you and Jim and all of the furbabies have a safe, happy and blessed New Years.

by Leaha 31 Dec 2017

Thank you for all your designs and the fun. Happy New Year to you also.

by zoefzoef 31 Dec 2017

have a great "CAT" year (even when it is the Dog in the Chinees system)
Greetings to all Cuties !!

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graceandham by graceandham 31 Dec 2017

Just remember kitties, weee are not Chinese, if you please.