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by toogie ( edited 02 Jan 2018 ) 30 Dec 2017

Uddate- todays newsletter has her back on track, just one letter, the S.---------Cuties, just in case you missed any of Stitch Delights new Baby Bunny font in their newsletter, they have put ALL the font letters from A-P so far in today's NEWSLETTER. They realize people are busy during the holidays and want to provide an opportunity for all to catch up. Here's your chance if you get the newsletter!


by mooie24 02 Jan 2018

I've been lucky enough to collect as they have been realised via the newsletter, this is a particularly beautiful font, love there designs x

by markus 02 Jan 2018

Thank you

by kustomkuddle 02 Jan 2018

Thank you.

by gramsbear 31 Dec 2017

Thanx to You for Posting, even though I saw that & thought it was soooo nice of her, I never thought of posting!!! I am sooo Thankful for her Fonts and She does such a Pretty group of alphabets!!! Than You for the forethought!!! Hugs, Judy...

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toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2017

You're welcome Judy...sometimes my brain works good/right-lol

by arisann 31 Dec 2017

Thank you for update on this. Have a Happy New year to all!

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toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2017

Thank you and the same to you and your loved ones.

by Sewmum1 31 Dec 2017

Thanks, I managed to get them all so far but I know others may not have. It is such a cute font.

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toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2017

I think it's pretty too. Sometimes if I start missing letters, I give up and then don't complete. I wanted other Cuties to realize what SD did, so they could go back and pick them up, if they had missed any like I sometimes do.

by marianb 31 Dec 2017

I haven't got my newsletter yet. Wonder if can get them on Facebook page

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 31 Dec 2017

The links are right down the bottom of the email that has the image and link for "p" to download. It is subtle but is there right down the bottom. If not go to your other emails and get the links from them as she says she has not deactivated the links yet.

meganne by meganne 31 Dec 2017

Marian, she did put up a post saying that all letters would be left up on Facebook until December 31st. xxx

toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2017

Thanks Meg about Facebook info. I'm not on there, so I can't tell you a thing. Hope you are recovering nicely. Take care nice lady.

by mpatterson 30 Dec 2017

That is so kind of them. It has been hectic these last two weeks, I will go and check mine. Thank you Stitch Delight

arisann by arisann 31 Dec 2017

yes, thank you for generous blessings! and for updates.

toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2017

I think Stitch Delight was like most of us busy with family, friends, celebrations and realize people can't always spend time on pc. Very nice of them to do this.