by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

Thank you Miss Veronika for sharing this wonderful corner of the internet with all of us. I've met so many delightful and wonderful people here.Shared many experiences, enjoyed seeing the creativity, sharing ideas and comradiere. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to everyone. hugs


by kustomkuddle 23 Dec 2017

I think it is clear that this site is special and it is only special because of the genuine caring, helpful, loving, creative, friendly, wonderfully talented people who are a part of this site that Ms. Veronika has provided. I have always believed that the tone of an organization is only as good as what trickles down from the top people. Thank you Ms. Veronica and also the moderators because you help keep the site wonderful as well. Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas.

by Sewmum1 23 Dec 2017

Well said.thanks to miss Veronica and all the cuties that make this forum special. Merry Christmas to all

by 02kar Moderator 23 Dec 2017

The Cuties have helped me over many a tough time over the last 9 years and it can't be said often enough. Thanks and a very Merry and safe Christmas to all.

by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2017

My sentiments, exactly, Miss Leaha...wishing you and all Cuties blessings of the holiday season and a wonderful 2018.

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Patricia103 by Patricia103 25 Dec 2017