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by toogie ( edited 23 Dec 2017 ) 21 Dec 2017

UPDATED Photos 12-23-17-Hello Cuties, Just checking in to say I've been busy with Christmas activities and monkeys-lol

Last week on Friday we went to Avery's Christmas play at her school.Besides Ashley and myself,Gus and Nora, Ashley's mother in law came too.
We had just sat down and I opened my program to read when I asked,"Avery is giving the invocation?"
As soon as I asked, Ashley and Carmen opened their program to see. Sure enough our girl did with her new 'talking' machine. She asked for a moment of silence to pray and then wished everyone a happy holiday season. I'm tearing up again writing this to you...Wow!
The program was 'The Voice' and chuldren that were able to participate did. Of course, the real song was playing and the students words may have been a short delay singing, but they did it and had a ball. The 'Judges' were Rudolph, an Elf, Santa and Mrs. Claus. The local television station aired parts of it on our local station.
Then Monday the school took Avery's class to the mall to see Santa. Avery, Nora and Gus had their photo made with Santa and it really came out good. (I'll show you when I get mine) We ate lunch with them at the mall before they returned to school.
Then we drove an hour back home, just long enough for Nora to practice her piece. We then drove about 30 minutes again to her piano recital. I wasn't expecting much but even her teacher (which is her other grand mother) said Nora really played better than she ever had! No stage fright for her!-lol- Carmen said she had never taught a student as young as Nora (4 years old) and she didn't know how she would do.
I did forget to say, the Sunday before Avery's play, Nora had a part in the Christmas play at her church. They played the bells and sang.
Then yesterday Santa came to Avery's school, in a helicopter! I videoed everything so no photos. They brought ALL the children outside by the ground where the helicopter landed. Most were so excited they squealed with delight and excitement. I only saw one little girl cry but she was being comforted by worker and us.
We all went inside and Santa had LARGE BAGS for each child. He had elves to help him hand each childs personally. They were going class by class.
When Santa got a little closer to Avery's group Gus couldn't wait any longer. He went straight to Santa and Ashley was going after him. The elf waved Ashley to stop and let Gus go to Santa. He picked Gus up high in the air and then hugged him. He held him and talked to Gus. The photographer took their picture, but we thought it was so nice, they took time for the families to be involved as well.
I had heard the Head of the school tell the Principle, he wanted Santa to take a photo with Avery and her family to which they did. I was still videoing so no photos to show you, but we were so touched at the love shown by all the workers for these children. I tried to speak to the Principle and express how I felt but I choked up and she just said, she knew, it was amazing.
At one point Ashley couldn't stop her tears and so being the mom I am, I held her and joined in letting the tears flow.
Anyway, we are thankful for this place, the people working there and all the freedom to be involved with them.
As all of you I'm sure, are busy with your families, so will I be for the next few days, with grocery shopping and cooking now. My husband just reminded me not to eat/drink as I have blood work in the morning. That just ruins my day. Oh well, was only gonna clean house-lol
I hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday and can be with those you love. If not, come on over to my house Christmas day, noon for lunch or leftovers for supper/diner! Merry Christmas-Toogie
Ashley brought me a picture of the 3 with Santa. I said Avery looked so short or no neck or something. Ashley said its the way she sits in this new chair and her cushion. Her knees are higher so she can't try to put her legs straight, I can't explain but it makes her look odd here. The next is a photo at home with her older brother Mason, so you can see the difference and why I said she looks 'short' or something in the Santa photo. Gus likes Santa, which is another odd thing, as most little ones are scared of him and Nora has her arm linked in his, so that tells you how she feels.-lol


by pennifold 23 Dec 2017

Oh! My dear Toogie I’m crying here in Innsbruck where we are about to leave for a surprise day out as a gift from Amy and Steve. What a wonderful school Avery is in and I would have been crying just listening to the kids singing. Thanks so much for telling us about your family. It’s inspirational! Merry Christmas my friend and I pray 2018 brings many more wonderful memories and blessings. Love 💕 Chris

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toogie by toogie 24 Dec 2017

Thank you Chris. I just looked at the photos from Munich, love them! Keep us up on your travels.

by gerryb 22 Dec 2017

Well, here I sit crying too!! We all feel such a part of your family, love the things you share! I am so glad Avery got her "voice"!! Those computers are wonderful & so is the little girl that prayed & surprised her family. Shoot, here I go crying again. Merry Christmas, my friend.

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toogie by toogie 24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
You have a kind heart and it shows.

by rachap 22 Dec 2017

What a wonderful Christmas story and such beautiful memories it will bring your family.. A year ago did you ever dream Avery would be opening with the invocation at "her" program??

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

No, not at all, but a year ago we didn't even know of this place. Avery went there in August and has done so well. Thank you and all Cuties, for all your encouragement and support of Avery. Merry Christmas!

by heleninca 21 Dec 2017

I am thankful for you that Avery's school is so good. A load has been lifted from the family. Merry Christmas.

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

Amen, you are so right. Merry Christmas to you too and yours.

by 02kar Moderator 21 Dec 2017

This is such a wonderful Christmas present for us all. Yes, I am crying tears of joy for Avery finally being able to talk and for all of you to hear her 'voice'. Thanks so much for sharing.

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

You know I couldn't keep it to myself, have to spread the joy!

by dec716 21 Dec 2017

I just love reading of your family adventures. What a blessing that school is!

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

Amen, I hate to think where she will go after she is too old here, but I will dead and gone by then. I hope by then there is something very good for her there too.

by kustomkuddle 21 Dec 2017

I am so happy for you Toogie. I'm bursting with pride and tears just reading this. It is wonderful to hear how well everyone is dong. Thanking the Lord for all his wonderful blessings. Have a blessed Christmas.

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

The same wishes to you too, DebB. Hope your little ones get all they're dreaming of.

by sdrise 21 Dec 2017

How wonderful what a blessing all these people are! How exciting for al the children too. So Happy things are going so great! Have a wonderful holiday!

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

I cannot tell you the sheer joy they have. They get caught up in all the excitement and it just spreads. Kids just wanna be loved and always want a hug, from anyone. One little girl has taken to calling my daughter momma. I think she understands that Ashley is Avery's, Gus and Nora's momma, so she calls her momma too.

by dragonflyer 21 Dec 2017

Glad tidings and joy for sure! So happy that Avery is doing so well...I know you are bursting with pride.

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

These kids and their situation sure can humble a person. Everyone needs to experience the love that is in this place.

by lbrow 21 Dec 2017

Toogie, No words can express the joy in my heart from reading and seeing this. Simply ,Glory To God! Love you Lillian

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

You have said it all, Glory to God!
I love you too. I know this Christmas you have an empty place at the table and you sure miss him but you will get through and enjoy it for your family's sake. Ron is not forgotten because they miss him too. I wish you all the best this Christmas.

by kathymourie 21 Dec 2017

Toogie, this is so great. The true meaning of Christmas.
I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year.
I am crying tears of joy!!!

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

Oh Kathy, you're so sweet. I love my family so much and love to see them all happy.
Merry Christmas to you too!

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by marianb edited 21 Dec 2017

So glad you were able to write this update for us, I also have tears flowing so trying to write this is challenging. Glad to hear Avery is doing so well at her school and that Nora is very talented as well. I'm glad Gus knows how to talk to about Christmas.
From my family to yours have a very Happy and Safe Christmas, Marian

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

Thank you Marian and the same wishes for you and yours. I will have to show you the family photo I like of them.It won't let me add it in this comment, though.

by sandralane 21 Dec 2017

Oh Toogie, my eyes are full o tears reading this, but I am so happy for Avery and your family. It is such a joy to hear your news. Thank you for sharing this with us, and I wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas. May 2018 be a great year for everyone, filled with love, joy happiness and good health. blessings to ALL. Sandra.

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toogie by toogie 22 Dec 2017

Awe Sandra, you're so nice. I wish the same to you and your family. Avery is doing well and seems to be growing like a weed. I will try to add a photo.