by DJH 20 Dec 2017

These were made on my embroidery machine. I combined an in-the-hoop stocking design from Newfound Applique with Itty Bitty Christmas Stamps from Designs by JuJu.


by grobin 21 Dec 2017

Great job.

by Sewmum1 21 Dec 2017

They look great, not sure I could wait to give one are year they are too cute not to use sooner

by DJH 21 Dec 2017

Thank you all for the lovely comments. It does my heart good!

by DJH 21 Dec 2017

Yes, the end-game is that they will be an Advent Calendar for my DGD, but she will get one every year ... #1 for her first Christmas, #2 for her second, etc. At some point, I will probably just give her the rest of them rather than waiting till she's 25 years old, but at least they are all done ahead of time, so we will see what the future brings. I also have two other sets that are counted cross stitch for my other two granddaughters. I will probably need one more set so I'm working out some ideas. I may want to know if the new one will be a boy or girl.

by Leaha 20 Dec 2017

These are adorable; perfect size for an Advent Calendar. You could make them tree shaped or just string them like a bunting, along a mantel if you have one. You are so clever.

by noah 20 Dec 2017

There really nice i love them hugs

by shirley124 20 Dec 2017

Nice work. Hugs

by lucy12345 20 Dec 2017


by sonjapotgieter 20 Dec 2017

Gorgeous work and designs!!Beautiful!!!

by pennyhal2 20 Dec 2017

You did a really good job of combining all those design elements into this great set of stockings! I see they have numbers on them too. What are you going to use them for?

by Eilis 20 Dec 2017

So pretty, the designs are great, well done.

by kustomkuddle 20 Dec 2017

So cute. I see they are numbered. Advent calendar?

by kay4sparkle 20 Dec 2017

Too Cute!!