by noah 18 Dec 2017

Had another lady come today to buy some towel for gifts ***and her son loves bacon well Kim helped me with this request as i never had any lol but it turned out great ****Thanks Kim Thanks for LQQKING !!!Hugs Carolyn

P.S. I tried the knock down stitch on the center bell as i have heard a lot about it Welll llll lll i don't like it do u???


by grobin 21 Dec 2017

Nicely done.

by robertahilde 20 Dec 2017

Very nice Carolyn, love your towels!
Hugs - Roberta

by pennyhal2 20 Dec 2017

Oh my gosh! Even your neighbors stop buy to get a towel! You must have quite a great reputation!

Did you see the "you had me at bacon" at Em. Library?

by katydid 20 Dec 2017

I saw a while back a a cute design that said "You don't have to marry a pig to bring home the bacon". Can't remember where it was from. Kay

by jerrib 19 Dec 2017

Lovely gifts Carolyn and great job on the Bacon design Kim.
Carolyn: If you make your knock down stitch slightly smaller than the design you won't see it...

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noah by noah 20 Dec 2017

ok that was my first and only try i didn't like it clear see threw curtains work way better then that stitch i find

by basketkase 19 Dec 2017

Isn't it fun to have people come to the house to shop? Very pretty towels......

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

yes i love it lol

by Leaha 19 Dec 2017

Lovely towels, the jury is still out on the bell number 3, it looks as if it has more depth...maybe just a shadow light thread? As long as your customer was happy I see nothing wrong with trying something new and she will never know the difference. hugs

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

well said !!!

by sonjapotgieter 19 Dec 2017

Great work done..Beautiful!!

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

Thanks hugs

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2017

Very nice, for the knock down stitches, they are traditionally done in the SAME color as the towel so you are not suppose to actually "see" them...and also, they are usually just 1 or 2 mm showing around the design...they are not made to look or be like some embossed stitching in designs that is suppose to show...

Leaha by Leaha 19 Dec 2017

Are they suppose to give the illusion of shadow or depth?

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2017

I don't think either, Leaha...they are generally used on "fluffy" fabrics/towels with high nap...and generally they are to hold down the nap so it doesn't cover the design element...mostly for narrow type lettering where the width of the lettering would be covered over by the nap and "sink down" into the fluff so you wold not be able to read it...using the knock down around this type of design holds the nap down so it won't fluff over the design element and cover it up...generally it is not suppose to be "seen" and is done in as close a match to the fabric that you can get...sometimes I use a very fine bridal tulle and embroider over the tulle...and then the tulle tears away very easily and allows the design elements no to be covered up by the fluffies....hope that makes sense.....

Leaha by Leaha 19 Dec 2017

Yes this makes sense and never would I have thought this knock down method the same thing. :~) I too have used the tulle method to accomplish this. This is what I love about this site I learn something new all the time! Thank you so much for the explanation. Merry Christmas

sandralane by sandralane 19 Dec 2017

Thank you Kim for the interesting explanation, one for the memory bank. Sandra.

noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

Yes thanks my friend hugs All :):)

jerrib by jerrib 19 Dec 2017

I always make the knockdown part a bit smaller than the design and use the same colour thread as the towel. This way you don't see it around the design.

by sandralane 19 Dec 2017

Nice work Carolyn, but I don't know about the knock down stitch. Not seen any before. Sandra.

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

it is on some machines look in your manual lol

by carolpountney 19 Dec 2017

They are very nice Carolyn. The bacon is a great idea. I do not know about the knock down stitch so I cannot comment.

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

ok thanks

by liliana1 19 Dec 2017

Look Great, thanks for sharing

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

ok thanks hugs

by airyfairy 18 Dec 2017

Great job Carolyn. I also do not like the ‘knock down stitch’ myself. I tried it once but will not use it again.

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

i read about it so i had to try it right???lol