by mihok 28d ago

How to download color charts?


by crafter2243 Moderator 28d ago

Look for the blue word "Print" . That will give you the information you want. You can then choose to print it with the design image or not. Hope this answers your question.

mihok by mihok 28d ago

Thanks, I do print them but I would like to download it too. I don't want to always have to look for a piece of paper.....

rescuer by rescuer 28d ago

I use the "Snipping Tool" to download the photo of the color charts. Some use "Print Screen" and since these are both included in a Windows computer it makes it free to use.

mihok by mihok 28d ago

Thank you. I never heard of the "Snipping Tool" but I will look for it. I can never get "Print Screen" to work. Thanks

crafter2243 by crafter2243 28d ago

Try something else. Since I upgraded to windows 10 you can choose the save button after clicking on print page. That will save the page as a PDF file. See if you can change it in your printer option.

rescuer by rescuer 28d ago

Silly me!
You can "print" to a PDF even in older computers. Just change the printer to the PDF printer and it will let you save it to your computer.