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by jerrib ( edited 18 Dec 2017 ) 18 Dec 2017

Hi Cuties:

Is anyone familiar with the site: designedbyjane?

I purchased a font set from the site, but don't see where to download the set?

Do they send a link for you to download?

Thank you and wishing everyone a Very Merry
Christmas and may 2018 be a great year for all.
For anyone that orders from this site, they e-mail a link to download the designs.


by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2017

I am familiar with the site, but have not ordered from them...all that I have has been free and direct download. Perhaps you should contact them and inquire about the download.

jerrib by jerrib 18 Dec 2017

Jane did get back to me. They send the designs in a link in an e-mail.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2017

Great...sounds like you got it all worked out...