by noah 16 Dec 2017

Asking for prayer for Me my left foot hurts **I kicked

John's compressor wheel a month ago after i cleaned my machines it was still hurting so i went and had it x-rayed he said no broken bones but it looks like gout???What can i do to help myself anyone know ??Please pray for me every step hurts and i take a lot in a day lol hugs Carolyn where it is -29f right now


by toogie 20 Dec 2017

Well, I am behind on this news, so much happening here. I hope by now you know if it is gout or not. My husband has 'flare ups' of gout. He won't watch his diet so he suffers and takes medicine during the flare ups. I do know it swells his toes, or where ever it is, at the time and painful. Hope you feel better soon. You gotta cook and bake for Christmas!!!

by mechille 20 Dec 2017

OH goodness Carolyn... please take care. I will be keeping you in my prayers

by maleah 19 Dec 2017

In the "old" days, the doctors said that ladies did not get gout.. NOT, I inherited this from my dad. The Asian culture make a tea out of "bitter melon" Ampalya fruit and drink it. It eliminates all the uric acid. It may taste like soap but it sure works. I get it from the International Market in Las Vegas, Nv- where my daughter lives.

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

thanks will check it out Going for blood work today to see if that is it or not thanks

by lbrow 18 Dec 2017

Allopurinol,& uloric are 2 drugs I know for Gout. Look up on cp foods high in Purines and avoid them. Drink lots of water and elevate ft as much as possible. My dad had Gout and took the alepurinol. I know there are new drugs out there for Gout. A blood test is usually used to test for Gout. You are of course in my prayers..Try heat and see if that helps along with NSAIDs. Hugs/Lillian

lbrow by lbrow 18 Dec 2017

Both drugs are rxs

noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

going today for blood work thanks my friend

by Kampfzwerg 18 Dec 2017

Poor dear, have you ever tried leeches? My doughter kured her inflamed ankle after bands tore with leeches. The medication did not help particularly. It left her with swellings and pain. She cured her daughter, husband and the horse. It worked equally well.
Best wishes and get well soon.
Merry Christmas

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

thanks hugs

by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2017

So sorry to hear this...gout can be very painful...did you doctor give you any medication to help relieve the pain and get rid of the gout? If not, you should ask him about some as there are medications available...

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

going for blood work in a few minutes to confirm it yes or no thanks

by gerryvb 18 Dec 2017

I can only pray and hope you feel better soon and the pain will go away or at least will get less. Here we have special medicines for this. Hope there's somebody who knows what will help. Hugs are coming your way.

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

ahhhhhhhhh thanks Gerry hugs4u2

by sebsews 18 Dec 2017

Oh my, if it is Gout I have heard it is very painful. I pray praying for you. I know someone who takes meds for Gout but not sure what the is the name of the med. I know you do so much for others and I am sure this painful foot hinders your goodwill. I hope it goes away soon. Hugs, Suzanna

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noah by noah 19 Dec 2017

thanks Suzanna

by kustomkuddle 17 Dec 2017

Sending prayers your way. Praying you will find relief from your foot pain. Blessings!

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

thanks hugs4u2

by Leaha 17 Dec 2017

Drinking lots of water has helped me with that stuff and so does tart cherry juice. Hope you feel better soon. lots of warm hugs to you

noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

thanks Leaha i do drink lots of water i will check store for cherry juice too thanks

gerryb by gerryb 17 Dec 2017

Check the labels...not all tart cherry juice is all CHERRY juice! I mix mine with diet ginger ale to cut the tart taste!

by graceandham 17 Dec 2017

P. S. The gout medicine really help kick start the healing by removing the build up of purines. After that the food list helps most people enough - just keep the meds handy in case.

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

ok thanks i am calling to -morrow morning first thing ****

by kay4sparkle 17 Dec 2017

Carolyn, my mom fell a few months ago and had a big bruise on her shin that wouldn't heal. the xrays showed nothing broken, but it was a knot on her leg and hurt everytime she put weight on it. finally I insisted on seeing her primary doctor instead of the practicioner and the doctor said it was probably a tiny bone crack/fracture that is not registering on the xray. so, she was told to sleep with heating pad around the area because legs and feet get lower blood flow normally, but the heat will increase flow. Also keep it elevated and to wear compression socks when walking around... just over the counter compression as the benefits of the RX socks are needed for this purpose. it will take months to fully heal, but after the second night she feels a lot better.
I will pray yours heal quickly!
Hugs and healing to you!!

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

thanks i cannot stay off my foot my Hubby is blind and i do a lot of men's jobs but i am trying hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Dec 2017

Oh dear. That is not much fun. My husband used to suffer from gout and it is pretty painful. I hope you feel better real soon. I would do some research about it.

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

i will and did****

by sandralane 17 Dec 2017

Oh,,Carolyn I feel for you it can be very painful and especially in COLD weather. I hope that you find something to ease the pain in the next few days, and that you and John can enjoy Christmas time. Try to stay warm, I shall send some over to you it is 40c here today. We still will have a hot Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings, tradition in our house no matter what the temperature is. I do hope the New year will bring you both peace, happiness, joy and most of all good health. May 2018 be a great creative time with lots of new experiences. Sandra.

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

Thanks for your kind blessing!!hugs

by sewist1 17 Dec 2017

A neighbour down the street had a fall and the X-ray didn't show a fracture but she was in extreme pain and was taken to hospital A scan was then done and showed there was a fracture in the sacrum. Just saying that x-rays don't always show things. I think I'd be off to the doctor again if I were you.


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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

Will ask tomorrow hugs

by killiecrankie 16 Dec 2017

My husband has gout on & off.Alcohol is a no no.Purines which are in certain foods are a trigger for gout.He found a list of foods to avoid on the net & it was a very long one.He doesn't take anything for it just avoids certain foods which he likes that have purines in them.
I hope you find this info on the net & the pain goes away.
Its 29 C outside here.

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

oh boy it was -32 this morning!!!

by gerryb 16 Dec 2017

Several of my friends have/had gout. Usually always in the foot or toe. They were all given a medicine which help a LOT! It did clear up. But the way I understand it, diet can also effect it. Google gout & you'll see what you should probably avoid eating. I know it is very painful! Hope you get some relief quick!!

graceandham by graceandham 16 Dec 2017

My Mother's list included turkey and lima beans (to not eat). Chicken was okay, just not turkey.

noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

yaaaaaa Ohhhhhh Boyyyyyyyy will google it again thanks