by gerryb 16 Dec 2017

Expecting a cold winter this year. I worry about the little kids that have to wear a fairly thin coat in their car seats! Yes, it gets warm when the car gets heated up...but walking to & from places plus getting IN the car, it can be COLD! This is my first try at making a "car seat poncho" for Carrie. She loved it...even though it's surely not perfect! Double thickness of fleece...she'll probably roast! LOL


by noah 17 Dec 2017

Oh how cute but u would freeze here in that lol

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gerryb by gerryb 18 Dec 2017

It doesn't get all that cold in Tennessee. Well, sometimes it does! We live at the foot of the mts. It's a double thickness of fleece and she will wear a fleece jacket under it. No thick, puffy coats in the car seats. Don't know how our kids survived! LOL Thankfully their car is in the garage, and they have a heater in there for the dog!

by pennyhal2 17 Dec 2017

What a perfect photo! Yes, she'll be super warm too.

by kustomkuddle 17 Dec 2017

That smile tells us what sh thinks of it! Very cute.

by jrob Moderator 17 Dec 2017

Oh, how excited that sweet face looks! That's an adorable poncho and I love your fabric with the "Scotties" on it.

by shirley124 16 Dec 2017

She looks so happy with it. No need to worry about it not being perfect. Hugs

by pennifold 16 Dec 2017

I think this is gorgeous Gerry. Just looking at her happy face makes me smile Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Dec 2017

Oh my goodness, She is so adorable. Makes me giggle to look at her happy face. You poncho creation is great too. Perfect idea for the little ones

by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2017

Both model and poncho are adorable!