by Eilis 14 Dec 2017

Santa sacks,

The reverse side of the sack for Finley.
Designs are from Cute Embroidery, my first attempts at embroidery so there are a few issues however, I enjoyed making them.
But sorry I cannot recall where the 'Dear Santa' came from.


by sonjapotgieter 15 Dec 2017

Great work...Gorgeous!!!

by Sewmum1 15 Dec 2017

Looking great. The kids will love them

by katydid 14 Dec 2017

Nice job!

by shirley124 14 Dec 2017

Cute. Hugs

by pennifold 14 Dec 2017

This is just gorgeous Ellis, I love the fabric you've chosen and if I've not welcomed you here, a big Aussie welcome from me. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia

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Eilis by Eilis 16 Dec 2017

Thanks Chris,
Getting used to using the embroidery machine and uploading to CuteEmbroidery. Great work from you all for inspiration.
PS. I live 40 miles from Newcastle in the UK !

by liliana1 14 Dec 2017

Looks great, well done

by babash 14 Dec 2017

Looks very good to me. Lovely design and wonderful fabric for the bag. Well done.