by tinfriend 14 Dec 2017

Did anyone manage to Download the Advent Day 7 at Katrins-Puppenmode?? I just kept getting an error code (still do) but no problems with the other days!

Can't even send an email as the Contact on the webpage does not even work!
Does anyone perhaps have a contact email address please?
Thanks in advance! HUGS


by gwillmann 23 Dec 2017

I saw your message today and had never heard of this site. So I went there and can download all of the designs except 7. I used Firefox and Edge so the problem is with the site. Hugs to all.

by Sewmum1 22 Dec 2017

I have these from years ago but will try on my computer later as i am on my phone right now. I have sent you a PM which might point you in the right direction in the meantime

by tinfriend 22 Dec 2017

STILL no luck and NO response to my email! :-(

by tinfriend 15 Dec 2017

Thanks to all Cuties for trying to assist me - I need the ACTUAL email address as the CONTACT & BLOG links don't work either!
Flowers for all! x

laurasomi by laurasomi 16 Dec 2017

Did you try this email addy:

tinfriend by tinfriend 17 Dec 2017

Thank you ! * for u!

tinfriend by tinfriend 24 Dec 2017

Sent an email 6 days ago but STILL no reply!!

by laurasomi 14 Dec 2017

I just tried to download and i can download all the designs untill the 14.December

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tinfriend by tinfriend 15 Dec 2017

You are very fortunate as no matter what I try I cannot DL DAY 7!x

by dragonflyer 14 Dec 2017

This might not be of help, but if you have downloaded the Advent from this site in previous years...these are the same designs...

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tinfriend by tinfriend 15 Dec 2017

Thank you - missed them before!x

by Hobbystickerin 14 Dec 2017

Here ist the homepage mit "Kontakt"-adress:

and here:

I can only download the design of today.

LG Petra

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tinfriend by tinfriend 15 Dec 2017

I did try those links but when you hit send it gives you an error page!! I thought perhaps someone may have an actual email address! Even the Blog page has an error! Thanks!x

by joansatx 14 Dec 2017

No. I can't download 7 either. I can only click on it and it does open a new tab with the error message. I'm using Chrome and I've gotten all the rest so far.

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tinfriend by tinfriend 15 Dec 2017

So I am NOT alone! :-) !x

by momac 14 Dec 2017

I haven't been able to download since the 2nd, the page comes up with very foreign writing and now design.