by spendlove 13 Dec 2017

I hope I enjoy wearing this coat more than I enjoyed making it! The machine behaved beautifully which is more than I can say for the fabric. (It was very expensive by my standards and I fell in love with it when I saw it.) The bit I like best is the pockets. I wanted this strange shape so I digitised it to make them ITH!


by kustomkuddle 14 Dec 2017

Love the colors! I can see why you fell in love with it. Great job on the pockets.

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Dec 2017

A beautiful coat Sue and enjoy wearing it

by crazypatchmama 14 Dec 2017

Love the color of the fabric, and the outcome of the jacket is really good. Wish I can sew something for me as well. Merry Christmas!

by killiecrankie 14 Dec 2017

Lovely Jacket. Maybe a thin woven iron on interfacing ,ironed on to the back of the fabric would of helped to keep the shape of the pieces while you stitched the jacket together,making it a more enjoyable project.

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spendlove by spendlove 14 Dec 2017

It has iron on interlining already! Actually I think the one I used is rather too heavy.

by lilylady 13 Dec 2017

What different fabric, looks great as a jacket and comfortable, pretty Sue.

by jrob Moderator 13 Dec 2017

That's really pretty. I like it too.

by sonjapotgieter 13 Dec 2017

Beautiful...Well done!!!

by jenne 13 Dec 2017

Looks good, what kind of material is it?

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spendlove by spendlove 13 Dec 2017

It is a wool and poly mix. The base fabric is quite loosely woven and the yarn stripes almost couched onto the surface,

by basketkase 13 Dec 2017

Sue, you will look fabulous and feel good in this coat knowing how hard you looks terrific!

by deeside 13 Dec 2017

Can understand why you fell in love with the fabric. Good job, wear it with pride.

by graceandham 13 Dec 2017

A great custom look for you. I love the fabric, too.

by pennifold 13 Dec 2017

Very clever Sue, I love what you come up with when you are making something different. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 13 Dec 2017

It looks lovely and digitising shapes like that is splendid. I remember making 4 } shaped flaps in two sizes for a jacket some 30 odd years ago, two breast pockets and two hip ones. I'd never do that again the old way! Sooo much easier to digitise them and let the machine do the work for you.

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jeanr by jeanr 13 Dec 2017

I am 85! If I were 75 perhaps I would tackle something like this. It 's a beauty. Enjoy!