by kustomkuddle 11 Dec 2017

I have two dilemmas. Not really sure if I should say something or just let them be. The first involves co-workers of my husband. One of the women he works with is selling the "buritto" pillowcases. So far three of the women who bought the pillowcases have asked me to embroider names on them. The problem I have, is that the pillowcases are very poorly made. A couple of them are so poorly made, I doubt that they will last long. I have trimmed threads and done everything I can think of short of ripping them apart and redoing them. Should I say something to the people that bought them or just not say anything? Right now, I am leaning towards not saying anything because I don't want to create problems for my husband but I am really struggling with this.

The second dilemma involves using copyrighted designs. I sell some of my work at an Artisan Market. There are a couple of us that do embroidery work. When I was in the store last week, one of the other embroiderers was selling items that had copy right protected designs - Paw Patrol, Spiderman, etc. It really bothers me that this person is doing this. Should I say something to the owner? I don't want to sound like I am bashing another embroiderer trying to make a living but the designs are copyright protected for a reason. Or am I being to judgemental? Thank you for your input.


by noah 13 Dec 2017

I would pray to God about it and keep my mouth shut*****let someone else worry about the problems opk???

by lbrow 12 Dec 2017

I agree with Kim on this Lillian

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by dragonflyer edited 11 Dec 2017 two on the pillowcases...yes on the copyright infringement...the store owner could be in jeopardy for selling these designs out of her store...not just the digitizer...If you speak with the owner of the store and explain the problems associated with selling copyrighted my book, it would be up to him/her to go to the maker of the goods and say that there is a problem and that copyrighted designs can no longer be sold in the establishment...that would take you out of the middle and leave the outcome to the store owner and maker of the copyrighted goods...

crafter2243 by crafter2243 12 Dec 2017

No sense in repeating everything. This would have been my advise as well.

kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 12 Dec 2017

This is a perfect example of why I think cuties are so wonderful and helpful. Awesome advise. It definitely helps having different view points looking at the same situation. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I feel much better about the situation now.

by graceandham 11 Dec 2017

I see these two differently. The pillowcases will tell on themselves and the ladies will probably not purchase from her again. I would leave that alone. However, I would speak to the stitcher on the second issue and let her know what can happen. When companies pursue copyright cases, they have been quite successful in my state in seizing the produced items at the person's home/place of business plus their computers, including all design sets, and their machines - in effect, to make them start over. This has happened to three stitchers in my area and two others have been warned to "cease and desist". Disney, colleges and the NFL pursue aggressively to protect their money-making designs. If handled correctly, she will know you are trying to be a friend. After that, if it does not stop, tell the store owner that the other stitcher is endangering your goods. P.S. Are you certain you have permission to sell all the designs you are selling in a store? Many say at a craft show or for private use only. Often, you have to buy a separate commercial license from the digitizer to sell in a store.

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 11 Dec 2017

I appreciate your input. I have decided to let the first issue drop. But I think I am going to have to say something to the other stitcher. I knew that companies have gone after designers but not they had gone after the person stitching out the designs to the extent that you mention. My husband has cautioned me about not using designs that are copyright protected since he works in a law firm and had told me about the "cease and desist" letters. I'll have to figure out how to broach the subject in such a way that I convey my concern for her and the store not getting into trouble. Also thank you for your concern about the use of designs on items that are sold. I have a small booth at the Artisan market. It is a huge indoor bazaar with a fancy name. I do check the copyright and design limitations of all the designs that I use and stay within those limits.

by pennifold 11 Dec 2017

Well, I for one, on both dilemmas, would say something.
The first dilemma - you could gently say to the lady that for you to embroider on the pillowcase the foundation needs to be strong. Seams will undo easily if not sewn firmly. The other alternative is to overlock/serge the seams yourself!
With regard to the Copyright situation, unfortunately a lot of people do not understand about copyright and think that they can just sew out any design.
You obviously are concerned about this and I think it's up to us individually to let people know about it. Let your conscience be your guide Debbie. Love Chris

kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 11 Dec 2017

Thank you for your input. In the first situation, I found out from my husband that the person making the pillowcases is an attorney and would not take kindly to gentle coaching so I guess I am going to leave that alone. My husband says I'm to much of a perfectionist! Imagine that. hehe. But the copyright infringement does bother me quite a bit. I'll have to do more praying on it.

katydid by katydid 11 Dec 2017

On the pillow cases, you might say the quality is not very good but if they it any way, you will stitch it. That way, you warned then. The copy right is another thing all together that our overseas friends do not always understand. being hit with a $100,.000. 00 law suit is no small thing. I do stitch things with the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee and Georgia Tech. occasionally and make sure they are ok, but I would not touch a Disney item with a 10 ft pole. make sure your items are well separated from hers.

girlfriday by girlfriday 13 Dec 2017

With the Copyright design, it depends what is in the Copyright. Some allow you to use it for personal use, some allow you to sell items with the design on it 'with permission from the original owner' and others say you can sell the designs on things BUT if you try to sell the DESIGNS themselves and claim them as yours, then you are in breach of the Copyright laws. It's a very fine line, I spoke with someone who was selling Disney designs on Jeans and I spoke to her, she removed the item while I was there and after I left she put it out again. So, I feel as long as you have told them and they continue, then they are on their own. I belonged to a group some time ago and the girl was selling licensed designs and the Copyright cops caught up to her, confiscated all the designs, computer, sewing machine, etc. and sued her for $50,000 so, be forwarned, you don't mess with licensed designs.