by cindymae68 11 Dec 2017

What do the flowers mean in cute?


by cindymae68 15 Dec 2017

well I just got back onto cute. and i'd forgotten about posting this question. thanks for all the info and the flowers. I sent each and everyone of you back a flower for your garden.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2017

Thanks for coming back and acknowledging the replies you got from your question...Looking forward to seeing some of your projects, too...

by hightechgrammy 12 Dec 2017

Welcome to Cuties! Another Flower for you :-)

by lbrow 12 Dec 2017

Well done, nice job, lots of things but mostly we like you and are glad you are here with us! /Lillian

by maleah 12 Dec 2017

To acknowledge you. Good Morning....

by kay4sparkle 12 Dec 2017

I use them as a "like" button. If I like something posted or something someone said, then I give them a flower. there is so much to like on here!! 😊

by katydid 11 Dec 2017

It is our way of giving to each other. just a fun thing. looking at the number can tell you if the person has been here a long time or post a lot.. We have always appreciated each other. A flower to you. Kay

by sewdeb 11 Dec 2017

Welcome to Cute, Cindy and here, have another flower for your garden!

by graceandham 11 Dec 2017

Some folk click on the flower to know they have already read that entry, kind of like a bookmark.

by jrob Moderator 11 Dec 2017

They mean lots of things; Thank you, I agree, I care, I've read this, I'll do what you asked, pretty much anything along those lines.

by pennifold 11 Dec 2017

Welcome again to Cute Cindy, here's another flower for you from Australia. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by dragonflyer 11 Dec 2017

And another flower for your growing can see the number of flowers everyone has by looking just under their avatar is a way to also thank other Cuties.

by babsie 11 Dec 2017

Welcome to cute and I added another flower for you. Hugs from South Africa.

by dailylaundry 11 Dec 2017

I just click on your flower and gave you one!! You just have to click on a flower to give one! I give them out all the time - this is a wonderful site with people so willing to help out in so many ways. We are friends!!! Hugs to you, Laura