by cindymae68 09 Dec 2017

Hey folks

I have been browsing thru my project photos and came across this one. My husband made it for a dear friend of ours sometime last summer 2016. She said she was so humbled by this gift. She just loved it. Unfortunately she didn't get to enjoy it very long, as she passed away March 2017.
I know this isn't embroidery or sewing etc, and it isn't my work but it is too pretty to keep to myself.


by airyfairy 11 Dec 2017

Such a pretty corner cupboard and beautifully made.

by kustomkuddle 11 Dec 2017

It is a beautiful piece. Sure to be loved by whomever has it.

by lbrow 11 Dec 2017

Cindy this is beautiful, my compliments to your husband. Let me also welcome you to cute if I haven't already. Time seems to be flying by me these days/Lillian

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cindymae68 by cindymae68 11 Dec 2017

Thank you Lillian

by pennifold 09 Dec 2017

Oh! This is just gorgeous Cindy, I love it and I can see it fits into a corner. Trev's Mum had two beautiful corner units but in a Mahogany coloured wood. Thanks for sharing the picture. Love Chris

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cindymae68 by cindymae68 10 Dec 2017

Thank you. My husband loves the natural pine wood. Uses it all the time.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Dec 2017

Excellent work. Too bad she did not get to enjoy it for too long. Some one I am sure still is. My compliments to your husband for this great piece

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cindymae68 by cindymae68 10 Dec 2017

Thank you. He is a great Craftsman.