by cooperal 08 Dec 2017

My youngest sister retired this year and has moved to a very small suite. Thought she'd like something that didn't take up a lot of space and could be Christmasy. The poinsettia design is from Zundt called Christmas Corners. I'm learning from Lidia about how to manipulate and duplicate a design! This was done in one hooping in my 360X200 hoop and it took a l-o-n-g time to stitch out!!


by kustomkuddle 12 Dec 2017

It may have taken a long time to stitch out, but it turned out beautifully. I don't usually get into poinsettias, but this is wonderful. Nice job.

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cooperal by cooperal 12 Dec 2017

Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Blessings, Avis

by snowbird42 11 Dec 2017

absolutely beautiful if she does not like it i will give yo my

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cooperal by cooperal 12 Dec 2017

I'll let you know!! Thank you for your comment. Be blessed, Avis

by zoefzoef 11 Dec 2017

this is so beautifull, your sister will be so happy with it !

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cooperal by cooperal 11 Dec 2017

Thank you! I'll have to watch her carefully when she opens it. Blessings, Avis

by lidiad 10 Dec 2017

WOW!!!! That's wonderful, you have done a great job, Avis!
Have you used a software to place the designs?
Your sister will be thrilled
Hugs, Lidia

cooperal by cooperal 10 Dec 2017

Yes, Lidia, I used my 5D software to get this. My fabric was cut quite a bit larger than my 360X200 hoop so that I could cut a decent border around the design and to stitch on the lace. The centre I mirror imaged 2 and saved that as a design, then using that I flipped it and added it to the part 1 and re-saved it to make the centre. I used my hoop field to place everything to the maximum; first to centre the portion already worked on and then I just placed a design in each corner but making sure that they were either mirror imaged or flipped. Those corner designs are quite large so I basically lined them up to meet the centre lines on the hoop field. Does this sound "Greek" to you? I'm sure you can see from the picture what I mean. In total it ended up being 165275 stitches and that's why I had a hard time dealing with the thread nest issue. I'm so thankful for the precise positioning feature; however, it did take me a lot of time getting it where I could finish it. I do appreciate your comment and encouragement. Blessings to you today, Avis

lidiad by lidiad 11 Dec 2017

He he he..... Not only it isn't Greek to me but this is what I do, too. :-)
Hugs, Lidia

cooperal by cooperal 11 Dec 2017

You might be the only one to see the funny side of my explanation!!
I haven't said anything before, but on Friday I am picking up my new Pfaff and trading in my Creative Vision (which I bought 2nd hand nearly 9 years ago). This will be my Christmas for the next 20 years!! However, I'm not going to update my software as I seem to be able to do everything, and more, than I have in mind. Thanks for letting me know that this is a sequence that you do with some of your amazing projects. Be blessed today, Avis

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 11 Dec 2017

Thanks for your detailed information!

by robertahilde 09 Dec 2017

This doily is a real beauty, love the lace trimming and the precise placement of the great design. Thanks for the explanation you posted below, I hate puckers and surely will try your creative method for stabilizing the cloth.
Hugs, Roberta

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thank you, I'm glad you like this and I'd like to see what you do. I learned to stabilize this way about 25 years ago when we did some heirloom projects. Be blessed, Avis

by liliana1 09 Dec 2017

WOW! WOW! This is stunning, your sister will love it, very well done. I love it to

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thank you. It will be interesting to know where she puts it!! Be blessed, Avis

by pennyhal2 09 Dec 2017

Good for you for making such a beautiful gift for you sister. She'll probably keep it on her table well past the Christmas season. I'm impressed that you were able to re-align it so precisely. You really have a lot of skill. Now I want a machine that does that too! For the density of this design, it sure lays perfectly flat. What kind of stablizer did you use to do this? Did it take more than one hooping?

cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thanks for your encouragement. This was done in one hooping and using my 360X200 hoop. I "painted" the linen with a mixture made by dissolving scraps of w/s stabilizer in water. The fabric was linen and quite a loose weave. I let the first coat dry and then painted it again. While it's wet I make sure the grain lines line up with markings on my cutting board. It's quite stiff when dry and very easy to hoop; besides, there are no stabilizer pieces to deal with on the back when all is done. It feels like it has been freshly starched. The stiffness will come out when it gets washed but a good starch will perk it up again. Hope this helps and blessings sent your way, Avis

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 11 Dec 2017

Thanks for explaining what you did. It helps me become better at doing this!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Dec 2017

Stunning!!!Awesome design!!Well done

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thank you and blessings to you. Avis

by sdrise 09 Dec 2017

Very festive and beautiful! Great job!

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cooperal by cooperal edited 09 Dec 2017

Thank you! I think the poinsettias make it festive. Blessings, Avis

by dragonflyer 09 Dec 2017

Beautiful job, Avis...your sister will be Zundt designs!

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Yes, Zundt produces some spectacular designs. Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful, blessed day! Avis

by carolpountney 09 Dec 2017

It is beautiful a lovely gift I am sure your sister will love it.

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thank you; I think she will enjoy it. Blessings to you today, Avis

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Dec 2017

Absolutely gorgeous. It was well worth the l o n g time it took to stitch out.

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cooperal by cooperal 09 Dec 2017

Thank you. Yes it was worth it and I'm glad it's going to my sister. At one point I had to stop the machine because of a HUGE thread nest on the under side. It was so bad that I had to unhoop the whole thing to be able to cut the lower thread. I hit panic mode right away. Nothing to do but fix the mess and re-hoop again...I was 1/2 way through my final colour!! Thank goodness for the "precise positioning" feature and that I had the presence of mind to write down what stitch number I was at. It took me 2 days to get it where I could continue and finish. God is good and I felt truly blessed when it was done. Avis

by noah 08 Dec 2017

Oh i love it and so will she****Lidias designs have given us many wonderful idea hugs

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cooperal by cooperal 08 Dec 2017

Thank you, Carolyn. Yes, Lidia knows how to push my creative buttons and I'm always in awe of what she posts. Blessings to you from the other side of the country, Avis

by pennifold 08 Dec 2017

Ooh! Avis, this is just simply stunning. I love Poinsettias and this year had them as my theme for ladies luncheon. Your centrepiece will take pride of place in her new unit. Great job and worthy of an award, I'm sure. Have you posted it on Zundt? Love chris

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cooperal by cooperal 08 Dec 2017

Chris, I did try to post this on Zundt's FB page but I'm not sure it went through. Will check for it later. Thank you for your encouraging comment; I really do appreciate the input I get from this group. I'm sure your ladies' luncheon was spectacular! Be blessed, Avis

by babash 08 Dec 2017

I am sure your Sister will love it. You have made a beautiful piece for her to keep.
Your stitch out is perfect. Worth the time you spent doing it.
Well done.

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cooperal by cooperal 08 Dec 2017

Thanks for your encouraging comment. Sometimes it's nice to have the time to do something that seems to take all day. I should try some of the other corner designs, too. Be blessed, Avis

by graceandham 08 Dec 2017

I have this design, and it is awesome in repeats! I hope she loves it.

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cooperal by cooperal 08 Dec 2017

Thank you. I have 2 different corner sets from Zundt and originally purchased them for just that...corners on napkins etc. Now that I have a machine with larger hoops I can play and manipulate to my heart's content. Blessings, Avis