by pennifold 07 Dec 2017

HELP - Can any digitiser assist me with the words for the label I need to make for our Priest's quilt before Sunday?

I've written to Kim (dragonflyer), but as she is in America and they will be still sleeping I was hoping to get somebody here in Australia.

My Husqvarna has died and normally I would use the words on the machine. I've tried my Brother and I am not as proficient on it and can't get all the words inside the area I wanted of 5x7?

Love Chris

Can you PM me please?


by shirley124 07 Dec 2017

I hope you get some help quickly. Hugs

pennifold by pennifold 07 Dec 2017

I did Shirley. I had rung Meg before I came on here but she didn't answer her phone. She didn't hear it.
So I got reply from Martine after I'd PM'd Kim. To cut a long story short Meg rang as Martine was replying to my post and I wrote back to Martine and told her it was alright Meg was going to help me out. Good thing as Martine had tilers coming to her place today. It's in the machine as I write this reply. I'll post it later. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 07 Dec 2017

LOL! You need to remember to try the house number sometimes BFF cause if I don't answer my mobile it's out of my hearing or I've put it on silent, (like you suggested). :-)

My mobile phone charger is in the bedroom, so didn't hear the ringtone. I guess I'd better change your personal ring tone to something louder. :-)

by mops Moderator 07 Dec 2017

sent a PM just now.

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Dec 2017

Thanks Martine, I've just replied. Love Chris