by dday 9d ago

This is what I made to hold my stabilizers. Old Crow was so nice to digitize these for me. You can find these on sewforum, digitizing requests on stabilizer names. I love the ease of finding what I need!


by kustomkuddle 3d ago

Great way to store stabilizer. Love how it names the stabilizer too!

by lindajwksc 3d ago

Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

by zoefzoef 6d ago

That is a great idea ! I should do that to

by babsie 6d ago

Great project

by dday 7d ago

Thanks all for the nice comments.

by brendalea 7d ago

Great way to keep your stabilizers. I want to make one but need my embroidery machine back from the shop. I did a number on it as it has been there for over a month. Happy stitching :~)

by pennyhal2 8d ago

Now that's a fantastic way to store stablilizers. Thanks for posting this!

by sonjapotgieter 8d ago

Stunning project...Great work Love it!!

by dailylaundry 8d ago

Absolutely a terrific idea!! Well done!

by pennifold 8d ago

Great idea and so easy to locate things. Love Chris

by sewdeb 9d ago

What a wonderful and useful project! Love it!

by Flghtlss 9d ago

Love this!

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dday by dday 9d ago

Thank You

by toogie 9d ago

Well aren't you the smart one to be so organized. Did you make this holder yourself and does it hang over the door or on the wall?

toogie by toogie 9d ago

I wish I could see more of your flag hanging.

dday by dday 9d ago

Thank you, yes I made it myself to hang on door or on the wall either way. I will take a picture of the hanigng and post it.

toogie by toogie 9d ago

Thanks for showing the flag. I want one. Seriously, I usually am satisfied not wanting for anything, but I want a flag like this. I need info on how to cut the pieces.