by michemb 05 Dec 2017

Part 2 of the elephant basket. Sorry but the pics just don't want to turn upright.

thanks for peeking


by nem 05 Jan 2018

Can I ask where the design came from I would love to replicate it please. It's stunning



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michemb by michemb 05 Jan 2018

Hi Nita, thank you
This is a combination of many designs that I put together to create this scene. I can tell you that the elephants are designs from cute embroidery, the bathtub is from embroidery library and the other elements are from various places and it is difficult for me to give you all the info as I have cut and pasted some of the details. sorry I can't help you more, good luck.

by katydid 17 Dec 2017

These are adorable!

by lilylady 16 Dec 2017


by lidiad 15 Dec 2017

Beautiful, adorable!
Hugs, Lidia

by michemb 07 Dec 2017

Thanks everyone for your feedback, really appreciate it,
hugs to all

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harleysville by harleysville 14 Dec 2017

Just love this Michelle. How is the baby?

by pennyhal2 06 Dec 2017

Very creative project! You really have a great techinque composing these scenes. Love it!

by sonjapotgieter 06 Dec 2017

Stunning designs!!!So Gorgeous!!!

by dragonflyer 06 Dec 2017

Beautiful stitch out, Michelle...

by toogie 06 Dec 2017

Good job! Translate the saying for us, please. Love your scenes but a lot of stitching!

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michemb by michemb 07 Dec 2017

''Bath time little Ludovick''
thanks Toogie

by stella1 06 Dec 2017

Michelle that is all so excellent very nice and so sweet and cute love this little elephant they love to bath loved the designs.. Thank you for sharing with us. Cant wait for the next project. You are doing a great work. Have been a nice day.Huggies Stella

by sewdeb 06 Dec 2017

I always love seeing your vignettes - they're always so creative and adorable - this is no exception! Gorgeous!

by pennifold 06 Dec 2017

Another gorgeous set, well done, love Chris

by robertahilde 05 Dec 2017

Delightful, absolutely delightful!
Hugs, Roberta

by rescuer Moderator 05 Dec 2017

Adorable! I love your work!

If you click on the photos, they show upright in the new tab. Apple cameras on phones and tablets have this trouble all the time. There is only one way to hold them to take the picture in order to be upright online.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 06 Dec 2017

I clicked on them and they are still sideways.