by weila 05 Dec 2017

it is my project. He is very popular.

My average son very much loves him. He wants to have him much. on clothes, on a backpack. on a pillow!


by sewdeb 06 Dec 2017

I can see why your son loves this design - it's fabulous! Love the picture of the boys by the waterfall. Hugs*

by noah 05 Dec 2017

Love it wish i could sew it too for some boys hugs

by sonjapotgieter 05 Dec 2017

Beautiful!!!Well Done

by pennyhal2 05 Dec 2017

Love it! I bet a lot of kids would like it too! It really is an unique design.

by toogie 05 Dec 2017

I would like this design myself! Too many people on electronics these days and can't think in their head, or on their feet.
Good job and I can see why your son loves it! A beautiful photo of them by the water too.-Toogie

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weila by weila 05 Dec 2017

Yes, I will agree. I don't know as it is correct to write in English. This design is (actual, necessary) for many.

by pennifold 05 Dec 2017

Well done Weila, it looks awesome. I’m sure your son will wear all with great pride. Love Chris

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weila by weila 05 Dec 2017

Thanks! Yes, he dresses with pleasure)

by Naehhexe 05 Dec 2017

This is really cool! Did you digitze the motive by yourself?