by arlene 01 Dec 2017

the design i am looking for was just the head of a snowman and his arms held the candy cane. there was also a gingerbread man one too but my computer crashed and i lost


by sewmom 03 Dec 2017

Not exactly the same but very cute.

by lilylady 03 Dec 2017

Julie hall has a free Christmas ginger snowman candy cane holder

arlene by arlene 03 Dec 2017

thanks. is julie hall the name of the site?

lilylady by lilylady 04 Dec 2017 I don't know how to add websites. Sorry

by awesome1 03 Dec 2017

There is a free santa head for candy cane here:;t=175082
There might be snowman & gingerboy--didn't search.

arlene by arlene 03 Dec 2017

when i went there couldn't get anything to come up. what do i need to type in. thanks

awesome1 by awesome1 03 Dec 2017

Arlene, the link should haven't taken you to the design. It was listed on page 2 of 'free embroidery designs' over half way down the nelliebeans. If the category has been active today, it may have moved to page 3.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Dec 2017

Sorry but those were designs in the DBC which is no longer available

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arlene by arlene 02 Dec 2017

thanks. didn't know i thought i had bought it. i saw it not too long ago on a site somewhere but couldn't find it again and thought some one might know. i didn't know i had lost mine and now can't find the site of the one i am looking for