by basketkase 16d ago

Had 4 more designs to get tested before I have to stop due to my show this weekend, so I stitched them on my customer bags........the Got This design is going to be the gift bag for Andi's gift.......then there is the Snow Goodies, Appl Warm Wishes and Joy Comes........all these design will be up on my website tonight.......Wish me luck, and will see you all next week.......


by pennyhal2 13d ago

Those bright bags really make the design pop! Great design choices for them too.

by sonjapotgieter 15d ago

Wow very pretty...Love the designs...Well done

by noah 16d ago

Awesome work hope u have an awesome sale****hugs

by devon 16d ago

Great job love them all!!

by lbrow 16d ago

Love them! Lillian

by Leaha 16d ago

Hope your weekend is a huge success, you have certainly worked hard for it. I'd have to purchase something from you just to get a decorated yellow bag (favorite color) these are all perfect. Thanks for sharing. hugs

by Barbaric 16d ago

very cute designs