by noah 16d ago

Our Son Jeff getting a bravery award for trying to save a man who fell through the ice**He near lost his life trying but couldn't get him before he slipped under the ice/***Was a sad day for him as he tried so hard being big and heavy he kept going through the ice himself but he was tied off with a rope and when he could no longer fight the fight they pulled him to shore****Carolyn


by Barbaric 15d ago

Congratulations, You must be so proud.

by joansatx 15d ago

What an honor and a joy! He gave his everything for someone else. This makes for full hearts. Your family is loving and caring and I'm grateful for you all across the miles. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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noah by noah 15d ago

your very welcome hugs

by sdrise 15d ago

Praise God for hero's like your son. HE tried his best and that is all one can do Congratulation to him for thinking of others in time of need.

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noah by noah 15d ago

yes he did indeed ***thanks

by asterixsew Moderator 15d ago

A picture for you to remember. All working in rescue services throughout the world put their lives at risk for others and we have so much to thank them for their bravery.

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noah by noah 15d ago

yes for sure hugs

by gerryvb 15d ago

an example for many, you have to be very proud of him , you have raised a very brave son. And he's good looking too.

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noah by noah 15d ago

yes he is adventurous like his Mother

by Nicky602 15d ago

A PROUD moment..
Lotsa Love

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noah by noah 15d ago

thanks Nicky hugs4u2

by airyfairy 15d ago

You must be so proud of your handsome son. He is an absolute hero.

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noah by noah 15d ago

yep very proud thanks

by jrob Moderator 16d ago

Congratulations to Jeff for being honored as a hero. He's a hero for trying to save another and you are one for raising one, too!

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noah by noah 15d ago

thanks hugs

by lbrow 16d ago

How wonderfully brave and handsome is Carolyn. Know how proud you and your hubby are of him. Just goes to show he was raised well by loving parents/Lillian

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noah by noah 15d ago

ahhhhhhhhhh we did try our best with God's help***I give him the credit thanks

by dailylaundry 16d ago

Congratulations to you very very brave son, Carolyn! You have to be so very proud of him!!! These are wonderful pictures - a very handsome son!!! Hugs, Laura

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks he looks like his Daddy lol

by hightechgrammy 16d ago

Carolyn, This is just incredible! I bet you are proud enough to bust your buttons! Please give Jeff my thank you. Not because of his award, but for the caring, marvelous person he is: for his character. When our Ben was choking the EMTs came to save him, but it was not to be. God had plans to take our son to be with him in Heaven. I know the person, Also named Ben. who tried so hard to save him really had a hard time, feeling like he failed in some way. What he didn't realize, and I'm sure Jeff feels this too, that he just didn't do enough. But, the truth is, Ben did everything any other human could possibly do. it wasn't his fault that our Ben died, and it wasn't your son's fault that the man died. It was bigger than that, God has His own plans. I know we appreciated the EMT's efforts, that we understand how much he wanted to save him. i am so proud of your son. Love to Jeff and to you. Jan

noah by noah 15d ago

Oh Jan life is so hard some days how are u anyways hugs and thankd

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 7d ago

I'm doing fair most days, even laugh sometimes. Christmas time is just so hard. One ornament is a photo of Ben, and we recorded his voice on saying "Look what I got."

by graceandham 16d ago

I had a relative who did a lot of the deep water rescues back in the S. Carolina flooding. This type of work is a calling. I'm sure it means a great deal to the man's family that someone (a crew I'm sure) tried so hard to save their loved one. Mamas don't usually get medals, but good job, Mom.

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noah by noah 15d ago

lol that;s for sure hugs

by maleah 16d ago

Such a brave young man. You must be very proud. Thank him for his service.

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noah by noah 15d ago

Well i will do just that hugs

by Leaha 16d ago

Thank you for such a wonderful son/policeman. Thank him for his brave service. It sounds like he tried so very hard to help this man, but that Heaven needed another angel instead of his life on earth. May God bless your son for his attempts and give him extra hugs when you next see him.

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noah by noah 15d ago

i will thanks Leaha

by dragonflyer 16d ago

Well, you must be so very sad that his valiant efforts were not can be a very tricky trap. Thank him for his bravery and his service...

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noah by noah 15d ago

yes ice scares me badly

by lilylady 16d ago

Congratulations to your son Jeff. Ice is such a hard thing for people to understand the conditions. We just lost 2 people on thin ice already this winter. I don't understand how they think it can be safe when we are at least 20 degrees above normal temp this time of year. Jeff was brave to try and save a life.

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noah by noah 15d ago

hes like that we /you do what u gotta right

by pennifold 16d ago

Congratulations to your son Carolyn. What a magnificent effort, sorry that the man he was trying to save lost his life. What a selfless act for him to do and go into an ice filled river. No wonder you are so proud. Love Chris

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks Chris for your kind words hugs

by 02kar Moderator 16d ago

Congratulations to him for being a hero. He deserves that award because he risked his own life . I am very sad his efforts did not succeed, but pleased he lived.

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks Karen hugs

by dee 16d ago

Thank him for his service. I think we need to do more to honor our Firemen and Policemen. Very handsome

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noah by noah 16d ago

yep ****hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 16d ago

I admire your son. I am sorry that his efforts were not enough.

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noah by noah 16d ago

Yes he was so sad ****

by toogie 16d ago

It has to be a hard job to accept, that you try with all your might and still loose someone. But it also must be so fulling and rewarding when you save so many more lives. He is a handsome young man and thank him for his service to our fellow mankind.

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noah by noah edited 16d ago

Thanks yes he's a big boy 6 foot4 and 250 pound but he is not fat just big lol