by pennifold 16d ago

Hi Cuties, our little Kookaburra has been hopping and flying around the back yard strengthening his/her wings. Tonight just after 7.00 I took a picture of the evening bird feeding frenzy. There were King parrots, Lorikeets and pigeons going for their seed. Daddy Kookaburra was on the fence and if you look closely at the bird bath behind the Rose bower you will see the chick. He had been there for hours. They can sit still like this for hours. It must be a preservation thing. Love Chris


by Leaha 16d ago

Thanks so much for sharing, your yard and the Australian 'Pets' you have running/flying/hopping around. It truly amazes me every time I read about some thing from Australia. Things are unique and wonderful although really scary to me (snakes and such) I think I'd be afraid to venture out the door even in my own fenced in yard. Just color me chicken. The birds are very pretty. hugs

by 02kar Moderator 16d ago

Thanks so much for including us. I enjoy each and every story and picture. Hopefully, this family will continue to visit you for years to come. I'm sure they will find another nest nearby thanks to your wonderful hospitality.

by lbrow 16d ago

Great pic Chris, thank you! Lillian

by basketkase 16d ago

Gosh, Chris, you have a living bird sanctuary in your own couldn't get any better than this!! Love that you share the beauty of nature with us all!!

by mrskiki 16d ago

You have the most beautiful birds. Love seeing your pics. Thanks. Nan

by marianb 16d ago

It looks like concrete statue sitting there. Glad daddy doesn't scare off the other birds. Marian