by stork 28 Nov 2017

So for the last 2 nights my 7, 4 and 19 month old grands and I have had a "sleepover" while school is out and the men and oldest grand are hunting. I forgot how hard it was dealing with kids who don't sleep thru the night!!! Tonight is me and hubby back in our back in their own! I love them but even at 55 find it rather tiring at times. Of course I haven't gotten much done in the way of extended projects. Oh well, they are only young once and I do love having them around.


by jrob Moderator 28 Nov 2017

Well, now I'M tired. We had ours over the holiday week that they were out of school, but not at night, except for the 10 year old who stayed the weekend. Can't get enough!

toogie by toogie 29 Nov 2017

Is he still riding his bike or has it been too cold?...Don't want Mr Jrob falling,running after him, or trying to keep up!

stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I miss the 12 yr old, she went hunting for the first time this year and she actually got a six point buck. Very proud of her!

by Leaha 28 Nov 2017

Sounds like grand fun. :~) Since I have none I love to live vicariously through everyone's lovely adventures.

marianb by marianb 29 Nov 2017

I've got a couple I could send you.. I'm sure their mothers won't mind. lol

toogie by toogie 29 Nov 2017


Leaha by Leaha 29 Nov 2017

Ha that will only last long enough for us to start having fun and they will demand the little ones return for fear we are having to much fun. :~0 Thanks for sharing the stories with me.

stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

Believe me, if you had just a half hour of the 4 year old, you would be returning to sender!!! He is a handful!

by toogie 28 Nov 2017

I had my 4 year old grand, from Thanksgiving until Saturday night, with her 20 month old brother only Thursday night. Enjoy her immensely! She didn't feel good Friday but gave over the counter meds for watery eyes and nose, and Saturday felt lot better. She decorated my tree with ornaments, after hubby put it up and he and I put lights, garland, mesh,etc! Yea!
A few times I heard a crash, to which she would shout,'It's okay Gram, PaPa can fix it!" and he would.-lol
I felt by Saturday it was TIME for her to go home! She chatters all the time-lol-and we needed quite-lol

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

So you have 2 grands about the same age!!! I have glitter all over from them finding "things" in the boxes.....they stay in the boxes because of said glitter! lol

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Nov 2017

Been there, done that and worn the tee shirt many times. I find that when I have our grandsons nothing gets done apart from entertainment and food

toogie by toogie 28 Nov 2017

So true and I have my 13 month old great-grand tomorrow. Since he is walking its hard to keep up with him. I also am wondering how my tree/decorations will make out-lol

Leaha by Leaha 28 Nov 2017

Maybe what you need to do is put the playpen up and stick the tree inside it, my friend said it rally works to keep the the thing upright and mostly intact especially if it has the mesh netting around the outside. Or as another smarty friend said turn the playpen upside down over the kid. hahahahaha

jrob by jrob 28 Nov 2017


marianb by marianb 29 Nov 2017

If only we could..

toogie by toogie 29 Nov 2017

lol lol!

stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

It is a lot of work keeping them but I wouldn't have it any other way. I count myself blessed to help our girls out with their kids...just wished our son lived close so I could help them and see those grands too!