by stork 28 Nov 2017

Listening to Christmas music. Decorated the house yesterday and carried the boxes back to the attic. So glad that is done with.


by pennifold 29 Nov 2017

I do all the Hymns on a Powerpoint presentation for my church each week and I've just finished them this Sunday - 1st Sunday in Advent.

I've had to decorate my place this week as the weekend is packed full!

I have my annual ladies luncheon on Monday, and on Sunday we have our Op Shop volunteers luncheon at Church.

I'm looking forward to resting for a few days before we fly off again overseas! Love Chris

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

Our small church is having the kids sing on Sunday mornings for the advent wreath lighting. 2 of my grand daughters will be taking part....very proud and excited!

by 02kar Moderator 29 Nov 2017

My handsome hubby and I decorated today. We keep it simple. High Five to you for managing to complete the task.

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I am thinking simple would be great!

by graceandham 29 Nov 2017

You're weeks ahead of me. Bet you're in the mood for the season now that you've played the music. I'm looking forward to Advent I at church.

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I am playing the music but the season just doesn't seem right yet, Advent will definitely help.

by lbrow 29 Nov 2017

Good for you! I have yet to begin, simply no strength, but the girls will help/Lillian

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

Glad you have the girls to help you Lillian!

by mrskiki 29 Nov 2017

Love putting out the decorations- but HATE storing them away afterwards!

lbrow by lbrow 29 Nov 2017

me too

stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I also hate the storing away....up two full flights of steps!!!!

by marianb 29 Nov 2017

We've been decorating for 2weeks. Have to stop when DH gets home which is usually around 2pm :( should be finished by Friday..

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I always try to do it the weekend and week after Thanksgiving because the guys are generally away hunting and I have the grands here to help, even though they are only 7, 4 and 19 months!

by Leaha 28 Nov 2017

Sounds lovely, to have a completed project.

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

That's exactly how I felt too!

by zoefzoef 28 Nov 2017

nice ! Somehow I can't find the patience to decorate the christmas tree. It takes a lot of time. Lucky last 2 years my husband is willing to do this.

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stork by stork 29 Nov 2017

I got rid of my large tree when our oldest daughter got married - it's been 13 years now. She actually inherited the tree because she has a very large living room to accommodate it. I now use a 4 foot tree that goes onto one of the tables in the living room!