by basketkase 27 Nov 2017

We have several cyclists in our friends circle, so made this to give to stitching the color of each one's bike......will do the other one on black.......this design is called Psyclepath and will be up on my website tonight...


by Sewmum1 28 Nov 2017

They will love it for sure. Now I wish I knew some cyclists I could do this for

by vodnivila 27 Nov 2017

Please tell me what kind stabilizer you use on this sweatshirt, the finish look is so perfect. Thank you

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basketkase by basketkase 27 Nov 2017

I use 3 oz cutaway....

by shozo1271 27 Nov 2017

What a fun design and wording!

by pennyhal2 27 Nov 2017

They'll get a laugh out that! Nicely done!

by pennifold 27 Nov 2017

Great design and the play on words! Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 27 Nov 2017

Wow..Great job done!!Beautiful!!!