by dragonflyer ( edited 26 Nov 2017 ) 26 Nov 2017

A football quilt for my nephew...big fan of the Baltimore Ravens...Found two Raven's fabrics that were perfect and then digitized the outline quilting designs to go with it..I think he will love it! The quilt is about 75" x 85"...Thanks for looking...


by zoefzoef 27 Nov 2017

what an art work ! Excellent !

by sewfrenzie 27 Nov 2017

Awesome! What a wonderful gift!!

by sonjapotgieter 27 Nov 2017

Wonderful job and Awesome Project done!!Beautiful...

by lbrow 27 Nov 2017

Love it Kim. Fantastic job!!! Bet it will become a family heirloom/Lillian

by kay4sparkle 26 Nov 2017

What a work of art! You are so talented! It's beautifully stitched with love!

by toogie 26 Nov 2017

Just love it! I know he will too. Nothing like getting something you like and since he likes this team, you both are winners!
I still haven't decided what to do to make our 50th anniversary quilt....I now have less than 11 months to make it....

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Nov 2017

Stunning. He has to love it or he is crazy. I like the way you did the border, colors you chose, well the whole quilt

by sandralane 26 Nov 2017

You have done a fab job with the quilt, I am sure he will treasure such a beautifully made gift. Sandra.

by shirley124 26 Nov 2017

Beautiful work I am sure he will love it. Hugs

by rescuer Moderator 26 Nov 2017

I may have asked this before -- but will you adopt me?
Excellent work!

by lilylady 26 Nov 2017

I'm not a sports person and I love it. The colors are bold and the gray pops. Love it, am sure he will adore it. Well, maybe not adore, but like very much.LOL!

by brendalea 26 Nov 2017

Very lovely quilt. Thank you for also showing the back.
Happy Stitching :~)

by basketkase 26 Nov 2017

What's not to love, Kim......this quilt is stunning!!!

by noah 26 Nov 2017

wow u out did yourself he will be very happy:):)Your an awesome Aunt to have hugs

by Leaha 26 Nov 2017

Bet he loves it; beautiful job. You'll get extra hugs for you one of a kind gift.

by aussiequilter 26 Nov 2017

what a wonderful quilt

by graceandham 26 Nov 2017

A wonderful gift of love, Kim.

by michemb 26 Nov 2017

wow beautiful

by carolpountney 26 Nov 2017

Great job live it

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carolpountney by carolpountney 26 Nov 2017

Should read love it

by pennifold 26 Nov 2017

Great work Kim, your nephew will love it. Beautiful colours too. That Raven looks very much like our South Australian crow! Love Chris

by liliana1 26 Nov 2017

Looks Great I'm sure he will love it. Well done.