by noah 23d ago

Had to sew this awesome design for the Nurse Pat. at my brothers nursing home ***Her bubby died after being told he had cancer in less then 3 months .I do hope this cheers her up ***Thanks Vicki for the great design***Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn


by pennifold 8d ago

What a great gift for her. Well done you, love Chris

by sewdeb 9d ago

Such a thoughtful and beautiful gesture, Carolyn! She'll love it! Great job!

by rsloan 9d ago

I'm a nurse practitioner and I LOVE THIS DESIGN. Such a nice thing to do for your friend.

by lbrow 19d ago

How sweet you are Carolyn. This is wonderful and will be loved/Lillian

by stella1 20d ago

That is a very and nice beautiful she will loved it . Your are very special and a big heart of gold. Have been a nice day hugs Stella

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noah by noah 8d ago

thanks for your kind words Stella hugs

by cj2sew 20d ago

Very thoughtful. You have a heart of gold.

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noah by noah 20d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhh thanks with HIS help we can do it!!!!!

by pennyhal2 21d ago

Yes, this will cheer her up!

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noah by noah 21d ago

I do believe so thanks

by Barbaric 22d ago

This is a lovely idea and I am sure she will love it.

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noah by noah 22d ago

thanks big hugs

by sonjapotgieter 22d ago

Gorgeous!!!Well done

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noah by noah 22d ago

thanks Sonja hugs

by toogie 22d ago

Great design and you did good, to stitch that so close to the edge!!!

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noah by noah 22d ago

really tried lol

by basketkase 23d ago

Turned out great, Carolyn, bet she will love that you thought about her!

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noah by noah 23d ago

I will give it to her next Tuesday when i go visit my brother again thanks for the great design hugs

by shirley124 23d ago

I am sure this will help cheer her up. Hugs 😇

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks Shirley hugs