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by cooperal ( edited 17 Nov 2017 ) 17 Nov 2017

I may have missed it; however I've not seen anything about the passing of Nancy Zieman. So many of us learned so much from her TV programme. The link shows a tribute to her and it's well worth watching. It was because of her shows that I invested in my first embroidery machine and I've enjoyed every challenge I've faced since then.

Oops...seems the link didn't connect...will try again.

Well, the best I can do is to direct you to do a search for Nancy's Notions YouTube. It's the most recent video and is very short. Blessings, Avis


by maleah 17 Nov 2017

I was so sorry for her passing. She will be greatly missed

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Nov 2017

rescuer posted it for us 3 days ago. I am adding a link so you can read all the people that expressed the impact she had on our life's.

cooperal by cooperal 17 Nov 2017

Thanks so much. Sorry I missed her post and duplicated the information here.
When my grandson was 3 he used to watch Sewing with Nancy with me after we had lunch. One day a friend was over and we were talking about a mutual friend from church whose name was Nancy. My grandson said, "Oh I know her". I asked him how he knew her and his answer was, "Nannie, you know, she visits us on your TV!".

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Nov 2017

Cute. Made perfect sense to him

by fontmomma 17 Nov 2017