by kay4sparkle 15 Nov 2017

My mom loves butterflies, so I made her these. I used the QuickStitch Embroidery paper for the 16 oz. travel mug. The butterfly is a stock design on my Brother machine. The polka dots kind of made it a set. ;-)



by robinbird 19 Nov 2017

What a lovely set you'd made..Thanks for sharing your work. :~D

by mechille 17 Nov 2017

Never heard of that paper.... welcome to the cute family...... great job I'm sure she will love them.

by missqueenbee47 17 Nov 2017

great - not familiar with the emb. paper you mentioned but love your idea!

by pennyhal2 17 Nov 2017

She is going to love it and think of you and how much she loves you every time she uses it! I've never heard of Quick Stitch Embroidery Paper. What is it?

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kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Nov 2017

Quick Stitch Embroidery Paper is like a mixture of paper and stabilizer in one. It is a little more pliable than just paper or cardstock. I hoop sticky tear away stabilizer in my hoop and then place the QS paper on top of the stabilizer. I have been able to embroider any of my regular embroidery designs with no problem with too many stitches or overlapping stitches. I got mine from the All Brands store in Louisiana, but I have never seen it availabel on their website... they call it KIWI paper on their site (not sure what that stands for). I also know they sell it on it comes it different patterns and color... like scrapbook paper.

by sonjapotgieter 16 Nov 2017

awesome job done!!!Beautiful

by lbrow 16 Nov 2017

Kay , you have created something your mom will love. Welcome to the Cute family. Very glad to have you with us/Lillian

by pennifold 16 Nov 2017

It has turned out beautifully, love Chris

by katydid 15 Nov 2017

Nice job!

by liliana1 15 Nov 2017

Looks great. Never thought about doing this am going to do some for the grand kids.

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kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Nov 2017

two years ago, a friend had me do matching/coordinating cups as Christmas gifts for her kids/in-laws. it was hard for her to think up gifts that everyone would like, but would seem fair for everyone too. :-) Like one of her sons was a duck hunter and her daughter-in-law was a deer hunter so I did pink camo and green camo paper with their respective names and a duck and deer on each. Then one couple were both LSU fans, thus I made matching LSU travel mugs with their respective names,... and so on. there were 6 couples. this way they all received equal gifts, but still personal. I thought it turned out great and was a great idea. For one of my nieces I even used glitter thread and it turned out perfectly cute. Have fun!! Thanks.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Nov 2017

Your Mom will be delighted. It is a nice set.

by Leaha 15 Nov 2017

She will really enjoy using this set especially as you made them for her. What mother wouldn't be proud to own these. Great job :~)

by graceandham 15 Nov 2017

Great looking set. She'll be so proud to carry and use these.

by sewdeb 15 Nov 2017

I'm sure she's going to love them, Kay! And if she doesn't, it already has my name on it.... LOL! Great job!

Leaha by Leaha 15 Nov 2017

you are ornery :~)))))

kay4sparkle by kay4sparkle 18 Nov 2017

I'll keep that in mind!!! I be sure to let her know that too! ;-) Thanks, Deb!!