by sewdeb 15 Nov 2017

I'll be handing out these Cathedral Window Ornaments to my quilting friends - have many more to make.....


by lbrow 16 Nov 2017

I love them and such a nice little keepsake gift/Lillian

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sewdeb by sewdeb 16 Nov 2017

Thanks, Lillian!

by sonjapotgieter 16 Nov 2017


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sewdeb by sewdeb 16 Nov 2017


by pennifold 15 Nov 2017

I love these Deb, they look fantastic and remind me so much of Christmas. They look just like Poinsettia flowers. Love Chris

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sewdeb by sewdeb 15 Nov 2017

Thanks, Chris! they are festive, LOL

by Leaha 15 Nov 2017

These are sew cute, are they hard to make? Should love them

sewdeb by sewdeb 15 Nov 2017

Not hard at all. They are done mostly in the hoop and a little hand sewing. It's basically 2 circles, the first one with the metallic border design stitched on it. Then you place the second contrasting fabric (backing) face down on top of that. Stitch. Turn right side out and hand stitch the opening closed.

Take this circle, fold in half, tack at the middle (indicated by a line of stitching marking the place) at the top edge and then fold in half again and stitch it all at the center point.

Then you get to "fiddle with it" to get it to be square - which you can see I wasn't always successful doing... LOL!

Leaha by Leaha 15 Nov 2017

they look perfect to me and besides you can just count the not so square ones as having character! Thanks for explaining this process to me, maybe someday I'll get everything done on my to TRY LIST. :~)

sewdeb by sewdeb 16 Nov 2017

I know what you mean - I could use about three more lifetimes to do what's on my Try list!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 17 Nov 2017

Thanks for posting your project and the "how to" info too. I found them to be quite enchanting. The little beads in the center really are a nich finishing touch!