by rescuer Moderator 15 Nov 2017

***Warning*** This is an Open Forum. Please do not include any private information in the forum. Use the INBOX if you need to convey private information. Otherwise your information may be harvested by BOTS for sale to any buyer. This includes email addresses.


by CurleyJ 16 Nov 2017

I have previously tried asking for help with a design, and was told to BUY it!

I have emailed 9 or 10 designs, including the PES and JPG files, to a community member who asked for help since she missed them, and was happy to help her. That's all I was asking for.

CurleyJ by CurleyJ 16 Nov 2017

Actually, after checking my email, she had only gotten 4 of the alphabet, so I emailed 22 designs to her.

rescuer by rescuer edited 16 Nov 2017

That violates the terms and conditions of this website as well as US and international laws. It is stealing. There's nothing wrong with someone who spends their time and their talent making designs...also asking for money. The daily free designs are to give examples of the quality offered here. ONLY this website's owner can share her designs!

by dollygk 15 Nov 2017

This included any pictures that you post for the ladies here. The picture I posted of a wedding was copied and used all over the internet and even got onto Twitter.... CAREFUL all with what you share!!